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lee sharma ceo

Winbox helped us understand how to position our value and go to market. Highly recommended!

Lee Sharma, CEO, SimplyDo
what we do

How it works

It’s simple:

  • We run through a set of 15 questions to understand your performance against each of our three foundations of SaaS growth
  • We follow up with a report highlighting your strengths, weaknesses & opportunities to grow

The whole process takes one hour. You get the recording and report at the end whether or not you choose to work with us.

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ps. We love all our clients – and we don’t want our current rate of growth to disrupt the awesome level of service we give them. For this reason, we only onboard one new client per month. If you’re thinking about working with us, the best thing to do is get in touch asap and we’ll slot you in as soon as we can.