326 sales-qualified opportunities in 12 months

George Terry

The quick version

  • Vistage is the world’s largest executive coaching organisation for SME leaders, offering a peer-mentoring service for CEOs, business owners and executives
  • They wanted to roll out a new UK-focused campaign under their global brand activation, Life of Climb
  • We implemented a full-funnel LinkedIn ads strategy that communicated the Life of Climb message and the benefits of Vistage membership
  • From February 2023 to 2024 this campaign generated 326 qualified sales leads for Vistage memberships

Winbox continue to find new ways to increase the ROI we get from LinkedIn ads.

Harry Warr, Demand Generation Manager, Vistage,


Our client

Vistage is the world’s largest executive coaching organisation for small and medium-sized businesses. They have more than 45,000 members in 35 countries worldwide. For over 65 years they’ve given business leaders a trusted and confidential space to share ideas, look for advice and ask questions.


The challenge

Vistage’s US marketing team had created a global brand campaign to be rolled out to all their local markets. Each local market was encouraged to take the core creative concept and tailor it to their region.


Our solution

We helped the UK team to roll out the global campaign using LinkedIn ads, targeting UK SME CEOs and MDs. We defined a classic full-funnel LinkedIn ads strategy that would:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive high-intent website visits
  • Convert awareness into leads and signups

We designed multiple creative assets for each stage of the funnel with different objectives and targeting depending on the level of intent. Multiple versions of the creative were tested in parallel to deliver the best performance.

We launched with broad targeting to gather as much data as possible into which combinations of audience and creative delivered the best CTRs and conversions. Once we’d gathered enough data, we doubled down on the best-performing combinations and cut spend on the tests that didn’t deliver.

We continuously monitored the performance of all the campaigns to find new opportunities to optimise or tweak the creative. We also monitored the performance of organic content, jumping on reactive opportunities to ‘boost’ organic posts that were performing well.

These campaigns help us build awareness and drive conversions. It’s rare that campaigns can do both.

Harry Warr, Demand Generation Manager, Vistage,

The results

The UK campaign delivered over 8,000 new contacts into the CRM and 326 qualified sales opportunities.

Thanks to Harry, Karin and all the team at Vistage UK.

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