246% ROAS in closed revenue in five months

George Terry

The quick version

  • StaffCircle helps more than 150 businesses across the UK, US and Canada to manage and improve employee performance
  • They needed a way to differentiate themselves from their competition and raise awareness of their new tools and innovations
  • We defined customer-oriented messaging and used it to run a full-funnel LinkedIn, Bing and Google ads campaign
  • As a result, StaffCircle closed £22,145 in new deals in the first five months, which works out to 246% ROI


Our sales team are really happy with the quality of the leads we're getting from these campaigns.

Lewis Staples, VP of Marketing, StaffCircle


The client

StaffCircle is a performance management platform that helps businesses across the UK, US and Canada improve performance, engage employees and retain talent.

But they faced a problem.


The challenge

There are loads of performance management platforms out there. But StaffCircle does things differently. And they wanted their target market to know that.

The only problem is, they’d already tried differentiating themselves from the competition through ads and creative, but they just weren’t seeing the results they wanted. That’s where our expertise came into play.

Working with us, they wanted to raise awareness of what really made them stand out as a platform and what they could do for customers that nobody else could. That included building awareness of how they were completely overhauling outdated traditional performance management processes with innovative new tools.

Here’s how we helped.


What we did

We started by optimising their LinkedIn campaign setup to improve performance. This involved updating targeting, placement, and bidding according to best practices we’ve discovered through our experimentation with and expertise in setting up LinkedIn campaigns.

We then defined customer-oriented messaging that covered the specific pain points, benefits, capabilities, proof points and USPs that would resonate with the target audience.

Our creative studio then transformed that messaging into a full-funnel LinkedIn ads campaign that matched those key messages with every stage of the customer journey.

For example, take users at the very beginning of their journey, who might be aware that they have a problem with retention, engagement or employee performance but just don’t know what to do about it (these are in what’s known as the “problem-aware” stage).

To target users in this stage of awareness, we created a series of pain point ads that highlighted their key frustrations and motivators and told them how StaffCircle could help solve them.

To target users further along the funnel, we used solution-aware ads (which highlighted the benefits of the solution and what it could help them achieve), vendor-aware ads (which built trust using proof points and testimonials) and most-aware ads (which repeated key product messaging and offered a demo).

We then coupled our full-funnel LinkedIn ads with Bing and Google ads to target users across multiple platforms and enhance the campaign’s overall reach.

Winbox really get the product - they've helped us differentiate and reach our market with the right messaging.

Lewis Staples, VP of Marketing, StaffCircle


The result

Within just five months of the campaign going live, StaffCircle closed £22,145 in new deals, which works out to an ROI of 246%.

We look forward to seeing how the campaign progresses over the coming months.

A huge thanks to Lewis, Beth, Sarah and the rest of the team at StaffCircle for all your help throughout the course of the campaign.

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