36 demos and two closed deals in four months

George Terry

The quick version

  • Neighbourly is a founding B-Corp and the UK and Ireland’s largest network of good causes for volunteering, surplus redistribution and financial donations
  • They were looking to maximise the effectiveness of the paid social marketing efforts, primarily to increase lead quality, and time to conversion
  • We implemented a full-funnel LinkedIn ads strategy that would retarget and nurture users as they progressed through the funnel
  • In just four months, Neighbourly booked 36 demo requests from their target ICP, and closed two deals

After discussing our requirements with a number of agencies, we opted to work with Winbox because they had a really defined strategy, and took the time to properly understand our brief and ICP. They built strong creative, are highly responsive, and we’re already seeing strong results.

Sam Wolf, Digital Lead, Neighbourly


The client

Neighbourly is an award-winning giving platform helping enterprise businesses give back to their local communities.

Being the UK and Ireland’s largest network of good causes for volunteering, surplus redistribution and donations, they had a pretty impressive value prop and a watertight USP.

But their existing paid social strategy was expensive and delivered slow time to conversion.
So, they booked a free LinkedIn ads audit with us to find out where and how they could improve.

Here’s how it went.


The challenge

Neighbourly had based their marketing campaign on a gated content approach.

And while they were capturing some leads from it, those leads were top-of-funnel and, often nowhere near ready to convert.

We suggested instead running a full-funnel LinkedIn ads strategy that would educate and nurture prospects at the top of the funnel and capture qualified leads at the bottom.


What we did

We started by defining customer-oriented messaging that covered the pain points, benefits, capabilities, proof points and USPs that we knew from research would resonate with the target audience.

We then created a series of LinkedIn ads and a landing page, mapped to this messaging, that targeted users at each stage of the funnel.

We then defined our LinkedIn audiences and updated bidding and placement according to LinkedIn best practices, and started by targeting prospects at the top of the funnel with pain point and benefit ads.

Through LinkedIn’s retargeting and nurture sequences, we were then able to nurture prospects through the stages of awareness, showing them proof points, testimonials and USPs, encouraging them to convert once they were more familiar with Neighbourly and the product.

Finally, we set up conversion tracking through LinkedIn’s Insights Tag and Conversions API (CAPI), which gave us full visibility of website and ad conversions.


The result

In just five months, Neighbourly booked 20 demo requests, all with their target ICP, and secured two new enterprise clients.

They also saw a massive uplift in website traffic—1.5 million impressions, to be exact.

Thanks to all the team at Neighbourly for being wonderful to work with. We’re excited to see how the campaign continues to progress over the next few months.

Winbox have firmly established that a brand first strategy on LinkedIn can pay dividends, we look forward to continuing to work with them to achieve our goals.

Sam Wolf, Digital Lead, Neighbourly

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