305% increase in monthly trial sign-ups in just three months

George Terry

The quick version 🏃

  • Sopheon build products that help product managers and innovation teams to save time and make better decisions
  • They needed to get more people to sign up for the free trial of their product, Acclaim Ideas
  • We defined new customer-oriented messaging, built a landing page and launched a full-funnel ads and PPC campaign – all in less than a month 💪
  • Our new campaigns increased the number of monthly trial signs up by 305% – and bought down the CPA by 68%, from £123 to £40

screenshots showing the creative work done for Acclaim


The long version 🤓

I’ve worked in marketing for twelve years. Here’s a piece of advice you can bank on.

The most reliable way to increase the performance of your ad campaign or landing page is to work on your messaging and positioning. As I often say to the team: “It’s not a landing page problem. It’s not an ads problem. It’s a messaging problem.”

A common misconception is that messaging work is slow and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. This case study is a great example of how reworking your messaging can have a massive impact in a short period of time.

We needed a major increase in sign-ups fast. Winbox made it happen.

Aaron Slater, Marketing Manager, Sopheon


The client

Sopheon own a portfolio of enterprise software and SaaS solutions for product managers and innovation teams. They cover the entire product lifecycle, from discovery through to deployment. They recently launched a new product that helps product managers find, prioritise and test new ideas for products and features.


The challenge

They had a landing page for the new product but the performance wasn’t where they wanted it to be. They were doing some PPC but knew it could be improved. And they wanted to do more to educate customers about the product and the problems that it solves.

Finally, they needed to move fast. Sopheon reached out to us in October 2022, with steep targets to hit before Christmas.

We’d worked with Winbox before and knew they were reliable. They absolutely delivered.

Aaron Slater, Marketing Manager, Sopheon


Our solution

We came up with a simple plan:

  • Define new messaging that pitches the product pain points, benefits, features and proof points in a more customer-oriented way
  • Turn that messaging into a landing page that’s optimised for conversions
  • Build out problem-aware, solution-aware and vendor-aware ads on LinkedIn to build awareness and drive traffic
  • Launch PPC campaigns to capture existing demand and channel high-intent traffic to our new landing page

We aimed to deliver all of this inside one month, then spend the following two months testing and optimising the performance of our campaigns. It was ambitious, but we got there. 💪

The results are exactly what we were hoping for from this first stage of the work. We’re now looking at how we can build on this by adding more content and optimising our onboarding flow.

Aaron Slater, Marketing Manager, Sopheon



The stats on this campaign were pretty epic, if we say so ourselves. We’re averaging at 1.43% CTR on our LinkedIn ads, which is roughly triple industry benchmarks. We increased the interaction rate on their PPC campaigns by 41%. And, most importantly, we improved landing page sign-ups by 305% and bought down the CPA by 68%, from £123 to £40.

Not bad for three months’ work. With a solid foundation in place, we’re now exploring how we can build on that by adding more content into the mix and finetuning the onboarding flow to reduce drop-offs during the signup process.

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