£350K of qualified pipeline (and £200K of revenue) from one campaign

George Terry

The quick version 🏃

  • Gaina is an Enterprise Resource Planning platform for food and drink wholesalers
  • They wanted to educate the market and drive qualified sales opportunities
  • We defined customer-oriented, conversion-optimised messaging then used this messaging to launch a full-funnel LinkedIn ads campaign
  • To date, the campaign has generated more than £350K pipeline value with a projected lifetime value of over £1 million and closed over £200K of revenue

Gaina’s return on investment is clear and can be measured by the ever-increasing strength of our sales pipeline. This pipeline growth would not have been possible without the Winbox team’s expertise.

Kealan Curran, Managing Director, Gaina


The client

Gaina have been developing software for UK food and drink wholesalers for over 35 years. 

They had tried their hand at marketing in the past but lacked the in-house skills and expertise they needed. This time they decided to try something new. Rather than doing everything in-house, they would bring in a Part-Time Marketing Director supported by an external agency.


The challenge

Our brief was pretty straightforward: educate UK and Ireland wholesalers about how Gaina can help them so they can generate qualified sales opportunities. LinkedIn was chosen as the primary channel because it had the user base and targeting needed to reach food and drinks wholesalers at scale.

In the past we struggled to relay our value proposition and get in front of new clients. Winbox helped us clarify our pitch and target potential customers.

Kealan Curran, Managing Director, Gaina


Our solution

We defined customer-oriented messaging for food and drinks wholesalers targeting the specific pain points, features, capabilities and benefits we knew would resonate and convert.

We then translated this messaging into a full-funnel LinkedIn ads strategy with individual campaigns targeting problem-aware, solution-aware, vendor-aware and most-aware audiences. Each audience segment was paired with relevant messaging and creative based on where they were in the customer journey:

  • Problem-aware audiences were shown pain point ads
  • Solution-aware audiences were shown feature-benefit ads
  • Vendor-aware audiences were shown social proof
  • Most aware were shown CTAs

All of the messaging, creative and paid media management was done in-house. Once the campaign was live, we shifted our focus to ongoing testing and optimisation focused on increasing CTRs while reducing campaign CPLs.



The campaign has driven more than £350K of qualified pipeline since launch (and counting!). At the time of writing, a deal worth £200K has closed, which more than covers the costs of our fees. Since this is an evergreen campaign, we expect many more opportunities to be generated in the future.

Thanks to Hannah, Kealan and all the team at Gaina for being a great client and giving us the opportunity to work with them.

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