In October 2016, myself (Marc) and Future Content founder Tom Sandford called a meeting with the same object in mind. Both our companies – founded and built over the past six years – were already collaborating on many projects, seeking to achieve the same goal. As business owners, we recognised the benefits to sharing our resources and skills, and the burden of growing our respective businesses. We therefore made the decision to merge Winbox and Future Content as one company.

The grand switch happened in January this year, with both teams excited and on-board with the change. Since Spring we’ve operated as one business but maintained two brands. It has since become clear that making both brand identities survive and thrive is pulling our focus away from achieving the grand vision we have together. [What is that vision?] Creating impact and delivering quality for our clients is our no. 1 goal: everything else comes second to this, including our own brands.

For this reason, we’ve decided to say goodbye to the Winbox brand on 30 September 2017 – and both carry on under the Future Content name and identity.

Why not Winbox?

For six months, our plan was to create a new brand. We brainstormed ideas but it was clear the development process would take time and focus, which we could otherwise be delivering in our products and services.

While Winbox is known for email marketing expertise, Future Content offers a wider repertoire of content marketing services. Combined, we offer content strategy, social media, ebook, copy and – of course – email marketing. The Future Content brand is ultimately better suited to our business moving forward.

As founder, letting go of the Winbox brand is going to be a sad day for me, and for a long time I was unsure if I could do it – being personally attached to the brand which I started from my bedroom and have built to help over 100 clients across the country and world. But after conversations with several trusted advisors, I realised that the person most attached to my brand was me. What’s more important is the work we do for you, our clients. If we’re losing an atom of attention by having two brands, we’ve got to make the move.

What does the new team look like?

Our in-house capabilities are now much greater, although we’ll continue to specialise in creating and distributing high quality content to build brands.

Here is the team our clients will be working with:

Marc Woodland - Managing Director

That’s me, Marc, the Managing Director of Future Content. I’ll be mainly focused on managing our accounts and ensuring you get the best service we can provide. I’ll be involved in your review meetings and you can call on me with any enquiries you’ve got.

Tom Sandford - Chief Executive Officer

Tom is our visionary and will be guiding the development of our service offering. Tom will head up our sales and marketing to ensure we continue to grow as an agency.

Helen Procter - Project Manager

Helen makes sure everything goes to plan, being the link between our clients, in-house creatives and any suppliers we work with. Helen manages the creative process, so it runs smoothly and we all get the best results from our activities.

Callum Dunbar - Head of Copy

Callum is our words man. He makes our creative impactful and enjoyable, incorporating our clients’ tone of voice and marketing strategy.

Stuart Roberts - Head of Editorial

Stuart is our content planner and editor. He commissions client articles and manages our rigorous editorial process to make sure the content we deliver is spot on.

Heidi Cartwright - Marketing Assistant

Heidi is a final year 'Entrepreneurship' student at the University of the West of England. Heidi manages our internal marketing operations, making sure our content looks great and get published and shared in the right places, at the right time to be seen by our audience. 

What does this mean for you?

In short, not much. In terms of our service to you, the people you’ll work with at Future Content and the fees you pay us will remain unchanged. There will simply be a different logo on your invoices, and I will be emailing you from Don’t worry if you forget, as emails to my old address will be redirected to me.

We will also need to set up new payment details for you, and will be in touch shortly to make this nice and simple.

If you have any questions about the change, call me and I will be happy to help, including to let you know about the new services we can offer as Future Content. Until then, we’ll continue to deliver your emails on-time and on-brand, month-in, month-out.

With best wishes,

Marc Woodland,
Future Content

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