Which Halloween monster is your email marketing campaign?

Halloween’s coming up – pumpkins are everywhere, and people are deciding whether they will be handing out tricks or treats. This time of year draws to mind some seriously horrifying email marketing campaigns we’ve seen over the last few years. But there have been some treats too, of course. So have you made like Dr Frankenstein and created a monster, or is your campaign devilishly brilliant?

Find out as we ask: Which Halloween monster does your email marketing campaign look like?


Is your campaign a bit on the slow side? Does it meander to its goals, moaning and stumbling about, failing to make an impact because the brain attached to its slowing rotting, yet still animated corpse is half-dead?


Do you frequently forget to send out consistent messages? Did you give up on targeted marketing halfway through the research as you just want an easier life? If so, your campaign might just be a zombie.

Pros: You will have more time to drink tea.

Cons: Your campaign will not connect with your audience, and because it is half-dead already they won’t trust that you can bring it back to life and be engaging.

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If you can’t see your campaign, and you are not actively implementing an email marketing strategy, you may have to put in a call to Ghostbusters, as it is entirely possible that you have a ghost on your hands.

Spectres aren’t all bad. When they actually pull it together and decide to start haunting their targets they make an impact that lasts, but visibility is key.

Pros: Once a ghost is visible their message has a lasting impact.

Cons: If no one can see your campaign they have nothing to interact with. Consider buying/renting a list, or follow our tips to grow your list organically.


Being covered in bandages can affect visibility and foresight. So stumbling around in dark corridors while mumbling your vast ancient history to anyone who has the misfortune to run into you is probably not the best of ideas. Just because you have lots to say, doesn’t mean you should – at least, not all in one go.

Halloween Mummy

The real curse of the mummy campaign isn’t the booby traps; it is the lack of a concise, measured approach. If you find your emails are a tad on the lengthy side and lack a clear call to action you may be mid-curse and need to go back and lie down in your tomb.

Pros: You have lots to say, which can make you appear friendly.

Cons: People will probably drift off halfway through your email and you are unlikely to get a conversion out of it.

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Werewolves are fast-paced by nature and once they lock their jaws around you there is not much chance of getting away. If your campaign is a go-getter that is diverse and engaging and the light of a full moon makes you howl, then it is fair to assume that your campaign is a werewolf.

Offer-heavy with big impact features like video and exciting calls to action that lead to blog posts, this monster is not a bad one to be. Your click-rates will be high, but as planning is not always your thing, you might not be quite aware why you are getting good results or know how to replicate them.

Pros: Flashy and fast-paced campaigns are instantly appealing and easy to connect with.

Cons: Sometimes you can be too quick for your own good. Without proper planning and testing to see what and why something did well, you might have trouble replicating your initial success.


Vampires are all about putting plans in place and then enacting a strategy until they reach their target. They scheme, they delegate, they watch and they measure results. They don’t go crazy in the build up to first blood, they are careful in their approach and at any time they are able to tell you where they are with a plan.

Vampire Winning

Their method is detailed but always concise. They don’t waste time rambling to anyone who will listen to them. They always give value, with a hypnotic and seductive nature that ends in a bite, and the transformation of their victim that always ends with a conversion. They even ask for permission before they come in.

Do you research your target audience and know who you are as a company and what you want to communicate? Do you A/B test your campaign and ensure that your approach is always consistent? If so, your meticulous attention to detail and your dedication to rolling your campaign out the right way means that you might just have the sharp teeth and mind of a vampire.

Pros: You get results. Your thoughtful approach that is tried and tested will always win out in the end.

Cons: There are none – vampires are awesome.

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Don’t like your monster? Call in the monster squad and swap it out for a new one. For help and advice on how to roll out your marketing campaign the right way, contact Marc. Plus, don’t be a zombie - sign up to our newsletter.