If you want more sales, go detective!

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OK, hands up who here is old enough to remember Columbo?

You know, the bumbling lieutenant? Whose trademark cigar and raincoat made him a legend of his age?

Well I love him. Purely in a wholesome way. But love is love, nonetheless. And actually, the reason why I love him is that he single handedly helped me mould a sales process that has contributed to my business over tripling in size over the past 8 months. 

Now when people hear I’m referring to Columbo, they (quite rightly, I suppose) assume that’ll I will be talking about his famous quote; “just one more thing”. Now, admittedly, that is a great line to throw into a sales meeting environment. But, that’s for another blog post, not today’s!

What I want to outline is the similarity between the way Columbo gets his man and the way you should shape your process to getting more sales. I’m not talking about your bread & butter, low end sales. These are useful but won’t be a game changer. I’m talking big. And no, not “that big?” I hear you say, no. More “THAT BIG”. Think of your ideal prospect and times it by ten.

So, hopefully now you’ll be asking “how does Columbo relate to achieving high-end sales?”

Let me enlighten you…

Columbo is the only TV series where right from the start you see…

  • Who is murdered
  • Who did it
  • How they did it
  • When they did it
  • Why they did it

Also, you get that gut feeling that Columbo knows who the murderer is immediately!

Now as an avid fan of Columbo, whilst watching an episode it dawned on me. This is how I should be getting my game changing sales! Just change the scenario slightly; picture yourself as Columbo and the victim is your prospect. Now let’s look at the situation from a sales perspective...

  • A bad salesperson pounces too soon, Columbo didn’t, so nor should you!
  • You need to build your “case” around them.
  • You need to figure out what makes them tick. 
  • What character type or they? 
  • What commonality can you use when you make your move? 

When you approach with knowledge and respect you are more likely to make that personal connection.

This is so important to do today. We are in an age where we are digitally more connected than ever, but less connected on a real level with any depth.

The old adage still rings true; “people buy from people”. But I would take it further and say “people buy from people who they like, know and trust”. So, with that in mind, remember there are no shortcuts. You need to do your homework to ensure any form of physical outcome and you need to build a rapport. Doing this does take time, so you need to be sure you are spending your valuable time on the right prospects. The game changers.

In the next series of articles, I will be helping you along on how to work on this process. So please stick with me and I promise to bring you value, insight and advice which could help you get some 10X sales happening for your business.

Next time I’ll be looking on how you identify your perfect prospects, the first step in my sales process. So stay tuned!