You may have heard about email marketing automation - in fact, we wrote a whole blog post on it. Knowing what it is is all very well, but how can you actually use it effectively?

1. Nurture your leads until they are ready to buy

Not everyone is ready to buy straight away: according to Gleanster, 50% of leads generated by organisations are qualified but not yet ready to purchase.

Sometimes a gentle nudge is all it takes, and in other cases a lot of hand-holding is necessary. Sending a series of emails can take the client through the buying process in a way that complements their behaviours and builds trust.

Relationship Email Marketing

The Pedowitz Group Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study found that 78% of successful marketers cite marketing automation systems as most responsible for improving revenue contribution, while the eMarketer email marketing benchmark report states that B2C marketers who send automated emails see conversion rates as high as 50%.

2. Hyper-specific targeting

Automation can help you to get specific. You are no longer limited to simple demographics like job title or age, you can now choose criteria that will increase the likeliness of conversion.

You can target leads based on their clickstream data, for example, how they responded to previous campaigns and their activities when they visit your site. This hyper-specific targeting works incredibly well as it is personalised in a way that makes it unavoidably relevant and, therefore, more appealing to the client. 

In a study comparing untargeted campaigns with campaigns based on clickstream data, Jupiter Research found that conversion rates can be up to 400% higher when targeting with clickstream data.

3. Retain customers

According to Bain & Co, a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%.

Losing customers can be expensive, and setting up an email campaign that sends out a series of reminders that a client’s account, subscription or policy is about to end can help you to retain their business.

4. A/B test your lists

Automation makes it simpler to split test your campaigns so that you can gain tangible evidence to show which marketing strategies work best with your audience.

A/B Split Testing - Email Marketing

The ease of sending multiple automated campaigns and analysing the data can help to strengthen your overall marketing plan and increase your click-through rates. To find out more about A/B testing and why it is essential to any successful email marketing campaign, have a read of this.

5. Streamline your sales process

Email automation increases the efficiency of your sales funnel. It will free up your sales team to focus on your nurtured leads. It will also make it easier, through the click-through rate analysis of the campaigns, to identify standout users who are most engaged and open to a sale.

6. Follow up with new contacts

It is so easy to collect business cards at meetings and networking events and then forget to follow up. By automating you are ensuring that nothing gets forgotten. You can arrange for follow up emails to be sent out with little fuss, freeing up your time to target new leads while your current leads are nurtured.

7. You can use it as a training tool

E-courses are the perfect way to transfer knowledge and train your staff, your clients and anyone else who needs it. Setting up an automated series of emails designed to deliver the training course couldn’t be easier and it is something that can be rolled out whenever necessary.

Email Marketing

Training courses run via email can save enormous amounts of time. The number of people that can be trained from a course that only has to be formatted the once is limited only by the amount of people who choose to sign up to it.

Email marketing automation is an essential tool for all businesses, no matter the size. It can help to increase revenues, strengthen your client relationships, save you time and make your business more efficient.

To find out how automation could benefit your business, or for any other email marketing help, please contact Marc.