Inside Marc's head - Delivering value isn't just for customers

Delivering value shouldn’t just be reserved for people on the receiving end of your products or services. You should be focused on delivering value as often as you possibly can to really affect a market, get noticed, build relationships, fans and ultimately loyal customers.

I believe if you’re passionate about your subject you should want to spread your knowledge and ideas as far as possible and not just to people paying you for the pleasure. Of course, it’s important to have customers and we’re all in business to make money. But by looking beyond that you’ll achieve the original objective.

Getting noticed

Nowadays we have to work really hard to get noticed and cut through the clutter. That’s because there is so much marketing noise out there, audiences have an unprecedented amount of businesses trying to get their attention. Because of this you have to be better than the average, and even better than the best. You need to deliver an unbelievable amount of value that turns heads.

How to deliver value

Value can be delivered in a variety of ways; you can write blog articles, guides, build templates, tweets, facebook posts, and my current favourite… shoot videos. Short videos are a great way to communicate your message in a personable way that shows your character to your audience and displays that you’re confident enough in your message to put it on camera. For most people seeing yourself on video is a daunting task, and this is why the online world is not (currently) flooded with personal videos. If you believe in your idea and knowledge enough… put your name and face to it and stand up for what you believe is right.

Email marketing

It doesn’t have to be high production as long as it’s easy to view and listen to, it is a powerful way to deliver your message and value.

Stop trying to sell all the time

There’s a famous saying from an old school film “ABS, Always Be Selling”. Or something like that… That approach is exactly like the film… old school. We don’t like to be sold to anymore, it puts us off and is irritating. Instead, switch your focus to helping people, or, “APV, Always Provide Value”. See what I did there, everyone loves an acronym.

In order for someone to buy from you they must like you, and what’s the best way to get someone to like you… help them. If you provide someone with absolute value, that really helps them they’ll be inclined to say “Hey, thanks guy, that was really helpful, how can you help me further”. Thus then becoming a loyal client… See how this works!

There’s no such thing as an original idea

You come up with an idea and think it’s brilliant. Only to Google that idea and realise there’s 100,000 search results all from people with the same idea… Ah!

email marketing

The message behind this is don’t be afraid to share too much value. People often say, well if I help them with this guide, or these tips then why would they need to buy your services. Surely what your business offers has more about it than just an idea. Everyone has their areas of expertise and I believe as a market we’re a lot more open to outsourcing what we’re not good at and sticking to what we are good at.

And by sharing your knowledge you’re also helping people who can’t afford to outsource, or use your services who weren't going to be a customer anyway… good deed done.

Switch your radar

So, switch your radar from looking for opportunities to sale… to looking for opportunities to help and provide value. Show you're passionate about what you offer and want to share your knowledge for the greater good.

My area of expertise is email marketing, tweet me your email marketing questions and I’ll answer them in my regular Q&A videos. This is one of the ways that I’m delivering value to my audience.