Email marketing and content: The Wallace and Gromit of online engagement

West Wallaby Street may be somewhere in Wigan, but the spiritual home of Wallace and Gromit (and, if we’re being pedantic, the actual home) is in Aardman Animations’ Bristol studio, not a million miles from our office. The eccentric inventor and his long-suffering genius dog are effective characters in their own right, but it’s the two of them together that make a classic - and you could say the same for what we do at Winbox.

Your content is the Wallace - it’s unique, it’s brilliant, and it has a lot to offer the world, but it doesn’t exactly get things done by itself. Our email marketing is the Gromit - dependable, professional, and filling in the little flaws that get missed in between big ideas, but it has nothing to do without you. The parallels don’t stop there, either…

Never be afraid to re-use

Wallace’s inventions are always dual purpose, at the very least. An automatic porridge dispenser loaded with soap makes cleaning high windows a doddle, and it comes in handy in a chase scene to boot.

Once you’ve gone to the trouble of making something, it pays to repurpose. If you’ve written some great blog posts or information pages for your website, don’t bury them in an archive that’ll never be read - bring them back as email content.

Be distinctive

What do Wallace and Gromit actually do for a living? Whatever their inventions enable. They’ve been window-cleaners, bakers and pest controllers: every time, they deliver a service in their own inimitable style. It ain’t what they do that counts, it’s the way that they do it. Consumers are more likely to remember a brand than a channel - if the content’s unique, it’ll stand out. It just needs delivering, and email’s a great way to do it. Beats throwing loaves into letterboxes.

Have a plan in place

Have a plan, with a goal, and work towards it, and you can do great things: you might even build a rocket in a weekend. Your content marketing plan might not be quite so… shall we say ‘idiosyncratic’... but it should still be SMART in its own right. Identify your goals, find ways to meet them, and have some way of measuring your success - ideally something a little more precise than “escape from coin-operated robot without losing cheese.”

Embrace technology

It’s amazing what you can do with the right tools and a spot of know-how. Almost anything can be automated, including your email marketing campaign, even if not everything should be. Automation can save labour on routine tasks, like walking the dog or welcoming your new clients, but you should be careful who sets the controls. Your email marketing probably won’t drag you halfway across town for a jewellery heist, but things can still go wrong.

“Don’t panic… everything’s under control!”

In the event that the Wensleydale does hit the fan, you might just need someone else to come in and save the day. Swinging in on an anvil and taking out a cyber-dog isn’t quite in Marc’s remit, but he does look good in a wooly jumper, and he definitely knows his way around the controls…

Shaun the Sheep

So. Content and marketing. They’re like cheese and crackers. You just wouldn’t have one without the other.

If you’re missing the crunchy base for your cracking dairy comestible, you don’t need to go all the way to the moon for help. Have a look at our services for more info.