Alasdair Johnston

Alasdair Johnston is a Director at Johnston Horsburgh Limited (JH), a business development specialist dedicated to supporting local, national and international medium-sized businesses who need help or additional expertise to develop areas of their market base.

JH provides the additional manpower and advice required to help these projects grow and are the 'extra pair of hands' that save employing new staff and help a company to take their business to a new level.

One such business that benefits from JH’s support is Arthur McKay, a Scotland-based building support services firm which has a turnover of £90 million and is in the process of expanding throughout the UK.

The problem

Arthur McKay were looking to develop new markets and customers across the UK and email marketing was deemed the best approach to take.

In the past JH had either outsourced to other organisations offering this service or had undertaken simple email campaigns themselves, with both options yielding little success.

Alasdair comments, “Successful email campaigns require a high degree of focused professionalism that we do not possess. Therefore we needed to find a subcontractor who understands this facet of marketing.”

The solution

This need led to JH utilising Winbox’s unique set of skills on behalf of Arthur McKay.  

“We were recommended to Winbox by Simon Norton of Business Blueprint. Simon has used Winbox in the past and as I trust his judgement, we were happy to go with his recommendation.”

Winbox created an email campaign that targeted a number of specific companies in London that effectively communicated who Arthur McKay was, what they do and the relevant assistance that they could offer to the identified targets.

Arthur McKay Header

The one month campaign saw three different emails being sent out, and ended in the successful generation of new leads.

The results

“The first project was sent to just 350 new prospects and resulted in 6 detailed enquiries and  further interest in the company from a number of others” says Johnston.

Email Marketing Results

Arthur McKay are the first client for whom JH have used Winbox’s service, and the success of this initial campaign has led to Arthur McKay and JH asking Winbox to send out the new Arthur McKay newsletter to around 2,000 specified customers and contacts across the UK.

The service Winbox provided

Alasdair remarks, “I was impressed with the fact that Marc (the owner of Winbox) is always available, clear-thinking and explains concisely what actions are required.

“I liked that he follows up and confirms everything with simple emails and that the costs are acceptable and not excessive.  

“I also found the analytics that we were provided to keep track of the campaign and measure its success were relevant and easily understood.”

Alasdair Johnston noted that the feedback has been “extremely positive” from both within JH and Arthur McKay, who came away from meeting personally with Marc feeling very happy with the direction of their working relationship.

The expectation is that the relationship with JH and Winbox will be long-term. Alasdair states, “There is no reason we can think of that would make us want to look elsewhere for email marketing services.”

For more information about how Winbox can help you or if you just want to chat about email marketing in general, contact Marc. Or why not come and say hi on Twitter.