There is nothing wrong with being a work in progress


There is nothing wrong with being a work in progress.

How many times do we put off taking an action, making a move or pushing forward with our plans – because we ‘are not ready’.

We seem to crave perfection – but the truth is that there will never be a right time to do anything – but, we procrastinate.


Great question!

Having given this some thought, I put it down to these things;

  • It is far more painful to change – than to stay as you are – so we keep in our comfort zone.

  • We fear rejection or failure.

  • The judgment of others terrifies us.

  • We suffer from imposter syndrome – ‘who am I to do this…’.

  • We believe that we are not good, worthy or able enough.

Do you spot the commonality here?

It is all YOUR internal dialogue.

It’s the story and narrative that you are telling yourself.

If you tell yourself these things enough – you end up believing them as if they are fact.

Scary eh?

So, with that in mind – it’s better to start, get stuff done and try all those things you have been waiting for ‘the right time’ to do.

Because, the risk of trying is far outweighed by the risk of you reaching a time in your life where you are left wondering ‘what could have been’.

But what if other people are telling you all the above?

Well – that’s just THEIR opinion!  That’s their own narrative, story and beliefs that they are reflecting on to you!

It says everything about THEM and nothing about YOU.

When I first started speaking about my experiences and struggles with Mental Health – namely OCD, GAD & Anxiety – it was basically ‘cheap therapy’ – I was using public speaking to help get myself better – and the fact that I was helping others along the way, was a real bonus.

BUT – as soon as I went through my own barrier – where I no longer suffered with OCD or my GAD – I continued to speak because of my passion to help others and actually – I love doing it!

So – in kicks ‘imposter syndrome’ – saying to myself ‘who am I to speak about this?’ – ‘I am not trained or a medical professional’ and the like.

In fact, even some ‘well-meaning others’ were asking me the same thing – so some would see that as validation.

BUT – after every speaking gig I was doing – I was getting tens of people telling me how it had positively impacted their lives and how refreshing it was to see a man standing up, stepping up and talking about Mental Health.

So I knew that I was doing the right thing – I pushed through – I worked with my inner narrative and built a whole business plan around it!

I decided to partner with others who are medically or professionally trained – so that I can bring the raw experience – as well as the solutions and techniques that my partners bring.

So – I ask you…think of that inner critic – or even the outer ones – and see it for what it is – a safety mechanism designed to keep us in our comfort zone!

Work with your fears and challenges – be honest, be open and start NOW!

Formulise a plan that works with your fears!

Because, we are all work in progress – and we will all continue to be as well – so I beg you – step up, speak up and try that thing that you have been sitting on for ‘the right time’.

Your time is now!

Go get ‘em, tiger!

Until next month….

Nick Elston

‘The Anxiety Guy’ & Founder of Talking Anxiety