Guest post: Tony Robbins ruined my life…temporarily!

Greetings ladies & gentlemen!

I recently had the extreme pleasure of seeing the awesome Tony Robbins live at #UPW2017.

This trip was long anticipated and I had been excited for a long time before the time came to board the train at Temple Meads, Bristol – and head to London for the event.

To save your sanity and for the sake of this guest post – I’ll cut straight to the chase – as I could waffle on for AGES about this spectacular event.

And I still wouldn’t have made the point that I want to make here today!

UPW (Unleash the Power Within) is a 4 day, mega long event – 830am til gone midnight, every day – from Thursday to Sunday.

The aim of the event is to invest time in yourself to really step up, raise your game and make your life the life that you would love it to be.

Tony & his team spoke, did exercises and shared knowledge on all things from Mental Health & Wellbeing, Physiology (how the body directly affects our minds) and Psychology – on all things in life and even business.

There were 9,999 other likeminded souls in the room – all dancing, whooping, jumping and being hugely positive and vibrant – and the atmosphere was totally addictive!

When we were about to enter an important part of the event, Tony would ‘change our state’ by putting on thumping dance tracks or soothing music – which everyone participated in.

And I can’t even begin to tell you about the amount of hugs, high fives and love in the room – crazy!  Even for me – and for those that know me, know that I am a hugger! J

Which is all great.

Really great.

Whilst I was at the event.

Now, Tony did forewarn us all about the effects of coming back to reality and how the changes we had made would be perceived by others – but also the way we perceive others may have changed too.

So, home I came – determined to put my new found self in to action.

BUT without my 9,999 new friends – it was difficult to maintain this.

Plus I started seeing traits in others, when going about my business – that no longer resonated with me – and opinions that were SO negative – that it was no wonder that I often found myself previously absorbing these traits as my own.

So, actually – for a couple of weeks after – I felt miserable as sin!

But like when any of us take on a challenge, an exercise or an idea that takes effort and clarity – we can often look at things as ‘too tough’ or label it as something that “is just not me’.

And often those thoughts are self limiting, self defeating and … completely NOT your thoughts! 

These are usually things that you have been told by others – which you have adopted as the truth, usually wrongly.

Humans eh? :)

Fast forward a few weeks and I am implementing what I was taught, seeking support from likeminded souls and pushing forward with all of my positive plans.

The moral of this story is this:

In life, in business – we all need to make changes at some point, to allow us to grow, thrive and develop.

Choose your mentors well, persevere despite those who doubt you, be careful not to adopt people’s thoughts as your own (as it’s all them!) and always seek the support of a trusted network of people who have your success at heart.

Remember, massive changes are painful at the start – but in the words of Tony Robbins – step up, set a new standard and be a force for good!

Go get ‘em, tiger!

Nick Elston

Founder of Talking Anxiety