I did the HubSpot Email Marketing Certificate, and here’s why you should too!

At uni, my life was consumed by further reading and a constant sense that there was always something else I should be doing to study towards my final marks. When I graduated, I did so with a huge sense of relief that I would never have to spend my free time further educating myself again. I would get a job, do my work, go home and focus my attention on other things. Down time is important, but learning is also about developing and bettering yourself. In my role at Winbox, I look after a client’s campaign and then analyse what worked and what didn’t. I have the skills and expertise to make sure our clients’ marketing makes an impact in a big way. But by developing my existing email marketing skills I could then, in turn, develop our client’s campaigns and better them into an even more engaging piece of marketing for their clients. Not only did it make sense to get myself certified, but I actually never really lost that itch to keep on learning and developing my marketing skills.

So a few other reasons as to why I did this certificate are as follows:

  1. HubSpot are, arguably, one of the biggest sales and marketing platforms out there. They know their stuff, they’re trusted and they're respected. If you’re going to get certified from anyone, it might as well be them.

  2. I put together the email campaigns for our clients, why wouldn’t I want to make sure that I’m following the best practices and therefore getting the best results for clients?!

  3. It took up an hour of my day for a couple of weeks, if that.

Marketing is a huge part of business, market yourself badly and it can have detrimental implications. With GDPR only a year away, not following best practices can be a huge price to pay, €20m in fact. The HubSpot certificate looks at how you can be compliant with your data, and what the best practices are to follow. Also, a lot of what was covered in the course are things already implemented in the Winbox process, so whilst completing it, it was a little extra reassurance from HubSpot that we were doing things the right way. Thanks HubSpot!

If you’re doing email marketing yourself, or are outsourcing it and just want to brush up on what it’s all about, then I’d highly recommend this certificate for you. I’d also be more than happy to answer any questions you might have on the certificate so please reach out in the comments box if you’d like to know more.