Which social media channels are best for your business?


Social media channels are a great way to effectively promote your business and engage with your customers. The different channels offer paid and unpaid methods of communication, can behave as online crowdsourcing platforms and are fantastic at increasing engagement between brands and customers. As a small business your marketing budget might be somewhat limited, so how do you know which social media channels are best for you to work with? Below we've dissected some of the most popular channels and explained what benefits they could bring to your business. 


Twitter is a fantastic platform for both B2B and B2C audiences. It has excellent unpaid features, and can be used effectively as a customer relations tool – allowing customers to tweet in issues they're facing and have them handled quickly and efficiently by the company. Twitter offers the opportunity to 'retweet' content - which, if used, will help to raise the visibility of your company and increase brand awareness. Twitter also offers a paid 'promoted tweets' feature which will allow you to target the audience you want to see your advert based on: demography, interests and geography.


Facebook is one of the most popular channels for paid online advertising – due to its targeting features, which help to make adverts placed on the channel highly effective. Facebook also boasts an 8-9% click-through rate on its adverts, making the channel popular with marketers looking to demonstrate ROI. It is in many ways best suited to B2C businesses, offering opportunities for engagement with customers across – direct messaging and posts. Facebook also performs as a search engine, allowing users to look up topics in the search bar – which can be a great way to attract new customers, through the use of keywords.


Instagram is continually developing its offering, from carousel adverts, to advertising within its newest 'story' feature. The channel is best utilised by businesses that are highly visual, or ones that are selling a product, as you can click directly through the post to shop the item you want. Due to its visual nature, an investment in decent photography will increase the chances of success on your Instagram channel.

With so many channels to chose from, social media can feel like an overwhelming place to start. By clarifying your target audience and tracking which channels they invest most of their time on and following the information above, you should be able to work out which channels will best suit your business.