How to increase email click through rate

Email marketing has become a key channel for small businesses looking to communicate with and engage their customers. As you build up a database of contacts through sales, networking and events, you'll want to be sure you're staying in touch with people – informing them about your business and service moving forward. 

There are so many incredible analytics tools available when it comes to email marketing, and they can be a highly effective way to monitor customer behaviour. Two common metrics to measure during an email marketing campaign are open rate and click through rate. But how do you encourage more people to click through your email and take the next step in the online customer journey? Below are three simple ways you can improve the click through rate of your emails and overall increase your email marketing campaign's effectiveness.

Be consistent

It is crucial that you are consistent in all your communication when establishing, building and growing a brand. Within the body of your email use the same fonts as your website, the same logo as your website and social channels and maintain a consistent tone of voice. Maintaining consistency will help you to increase awareness of your brand with your target audience. 


According to Smart Insights, nearly half of emails are now opened on tablet or smartphone devices. In 2016 this was an increase of 500% over the past 4 years. It has never been more important to ensure your emails are optimised across devices so that you don't miss out on customer engagements because your email doesn't fit the screen it's opened on. 

Make the journey easy

Most email campaigns are sent to entertain, educate or inform customers, but the goal is that the engagement does not stop there. Let's say you sent an email newsletter about a fantastic piece of work you'd created for another customer as a case study. Chances are you don't just want your other customers to read it and move on – you want them to contact you to create something just as brilliant for them.

Make it as clear and easy as possible for your customers to take the next step on their journey. Explain what you want your customer to do – for example, 'click here for the full story'. Send your customers to your website and make sure your action is obvious. Don't expect your customers to scroll to the bottom of the email to find the action you want them to take. 

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