How to increase your business's email database

Email marketing is one of the quickest ways to drive sales for businesses. With over 75 percent of marketers saying they use email more than they did three years ago, it’s clear to see email marketing is becoming one of the dominant methods for engaging with audiences. Yet there are still not enough businesses taking full advantage of its capabilities. Companies can often decide against using the method because they have a relatively small database and feel the ROI will not be sufficient. However, there are ways to build your database without having to pay for expensive email lists. 

More often than not, businesses neglect the touch points they already have in place. We’re sure your website has a contact form, enabling people to get in touch if they need to. When someone contacts you through your site, there should be an option for them to sign up to your email newsletter or, at the very least, you should begin to build a dialogue with a view to getting an email sign up. 


It’s a good idea to do some research and see what other types of businesses you can work with to seem more appealing to your audience. Cross-brand promotions aren’t new but can act as an efficient way to team up with other local businesses to offer incentives for people to sign up to your content. 

You want people to sign up to your newsletters, so you should be including sign-up forms wherever you can. Whether it’s through social media, blogs or specialised content on your site, there should always be a sign-up method at the end of your content. 

If you believe you are producing high-quality content that people will want to interact with, try offering a snippet of it and having the rest of it gated. That way people will need to sign-up to read the full article or report. Think of it as a Times-style service, except you will give them the rest of the content for free as long as they provide their email addresses. 

These are just a few of the actions you can take, but they’re a good start to help you build a strong email database. Combine these with good content and you will start to see an expanding list of email clients, and hopefully, more conversion rates and ROI. For more advice regarding improving the email database for your business, contact Winbox today.