How email signatures can enhance your email marketing

There isn’t much thought that goes into signing a name at the end of an email marketing campaign. We write it down and click send. Many don’t realise that email signatures act as a unique way to offer your audience more insight into your brand. Simply signing off with your name and nothing else is missing a potential marketing opportunity in your newsletter. A boring email signature won’t damage your company’s reputation, but the right one can enhance it and add another layer to the brand.

To better understand how email signatures can benefit your business, think of them as a letterhead or business card. They rubber stamp your company and the position you carry within it. It’s best to keep them short; we don’t advise going over five lines. But what should you include in an email signature? Well, your name is a good place to start, followed by your role within the company, a contact number and preferably the website of the business you work for. This information will provide the recipient with more ways to get in touch, either by replying to your email, phoning directly or having a look around your website. You can even add some funky graphics, although we don’t recommend getting too carried away. Some businesses like to include a photo of the staff member which is fine. However, you don't want your email tagged as spam, so if you are attaching an image, make sure the file size isn't too large. 

Add a social element to your email signature if you have a consistent social media strategy. Include links to your company’s Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages to allow social interaction between you and your client base. You can even add the logo icons for each social media platform at the end of your signature. Having several mediums of content for people to interact with can increase CTR (click-through rates) – especially if the content they are clicking through to is blogs, videos, product pages and company information. 

There are many different ways you can use your email signature. The primary factor is to make sure you maximise your possibilities. If utilised correctly, email signatures can play a prominent role in your company’s overall branding, acting as another outlet to promote your company. 

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