The do's and don't's of personalisation

Personalisation has become a buzz word in marketing, especially online marketing, but how can you make it work for your business? 

Econsultancy reported that although "personalisation may seem gimmicky at first, there is no doubt that doing it well helps consumers navigate a noisy world in a relevant, helpful and, ultimately, profitable way" - so here's how to leverage personalisation for your business' email marketing...

- DO complete as many relevant fields as possible in your database to allow powerful segmentation and personalisation. For example, you can include first name, last name, location, age, last product purchased, payment preference, whether they follow you on social media, how long since their last order, or even how long since their first order. All of these details can help you create content which is personalised to the recipient. This takes mass email marketing to direct marketing in just a few clicks.

- DON'T freak people out. Including too much information about your recipients and using it in a 'Big Brother is watching' kind of way can be very off-putting. Use the information you have to appeal to the recipient's trigger points, not show them how good your database is. 

- DO use the data to provide relevant sales promotions in your emails. Has the customer purchased a particular flavour of product three times in a row? Why not offer them a code which gets them a free pack of that particular flavour when ordering anything else off the website? 

- DON'T use their last name. Nobody addresses an email to anybody first and last name. It's unnatural.

- DO personalise your subject lines where possible. The subject line is the key to the rest of your email - if they don't like it, they ain't opening it. Using personalisation at this touchpoint gets the recipient's attention in a crowded inbox.

What works for one business will not work for another, so definitely experiment with personalisation in your email marketing - and keep track of the variables you change, so you can look back to see what works and hone your communications to perfection. 

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