Guest post: What is it that People are really buying?

What’s the quick one-word answer you come up with to that question? Most likely, many of you named your product or service; others may have said quality, my expertise or me.  The real answer, or Berkeley’s answer, is confidence …. please allow me to explain;

Confidence that you will solve their problems and their own confidence in selecting you as a trusted advisor.

If they don’t have confidence in you, your products, your service, your solution then they won’t have the confidence to spend the company’s money with you.  They need to have a ‘peer to peer’ relationship with you;  one where they believe that you are more than a sales person or provider and more of a trusted consultant, advisor and partner. 

We all sell good products and services but buyers may see one product as much the same as its competitor.  You have to differentiate yourself. If you want to avoid the decision coming down to price, you had better find a better way to instil confidence in the buyer that the choice to buy your product or service is the best decision.   As we move toward spring 2017 are you confident in your ability to help your prospect make a confident buying decision?   

Buyers need to trust you. If you’re doing well in a sales role, then you already have some ability to communicate clearly and find out what it is your prospect is looking for.   Ask yourself though, do you have the ability to craft compelling questions to find out not only what the prospect needs but why they need it and how of the purchase will solve their issues on a surface, business and personal level.   Most sales people are only dealing with the ‘what’ is needed. It’s important you also define what it will take to do business. Buyers need to see you as credible. 

Your reputation, the level of understanding of the client’s issues and helping them discover the importance of those issues paramount to developing confidence in the buyer-seller relationship.   If you want to move prospects to committed buyers then invest the time to ask the right questions to build confidence.

It’s got to be less about features and benefits and more about how you develop client’s needs and your mutual understanding of each other’s ability to work together to get the right solution.

Berkeley Harris - Consultant & Trainer
Sandler Training