Email marketing – does the design really matter?

There is no doubt that email marketing can be challenging – although the effectiveness of a good email marketing strategy is undeniable. You need to be able to entice recipients to open your email, rather than ignore it. After all – they are probably receiving hundreds of emails each week! It is not just about the content of your email marketing campaign, though; you also need to pay careful attention to the design. The design matters and these are some ways to improve effectiveness.

Stay true to your brand

The most effective brands are ones which are consistent. People buy into brands that they recognise and trust and no matter what type of marketing you are doing, your brand should be consistent. Instead of getting caught up in trying to find the most unique designs it is better to make your emails instantly recognisable through your branding.

Allow recipients to unsubscribe

Of course, you don’t want recipients to unsubscribe to your emails, but you need to give them the option to do this. If you don’t have an unsubscribe button on the design of your email, you may find that this could affect the quality of your campaign. These emails are more likely to be marked as spam and this is what you want to avoid.

Minimise images

Although it may be tempting to add a lot of images to your newsletters, it is important that the images don’t overtake the content of your emails. In some cases, the content can become completely lost when there are too many images, taking away from the message you are trying to convey. Your emails could also end up being marked as spam or recipients may find it difficult to display your images. The design should be clear and easy to read, without being clogged up with images.

Call to action

It is important to consider what action you want the recipient to take – and make this clear on the design of your newsletters. Do you want to direct them straight to your website or to a store to buy your products? These are important considerations and it is imperative that you have a call to action clearly displayed on the design of your emails – otherwise, the recipient will probably just not take any action!

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