The importance of Wellbeing in the Workplace

SO – in the words of Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter – “I’ve only gone & ruddy done it!”.

I have taken the plunge into self-employment – after being inspired for many years by the likes of your very own Marc Woodland of WInbox – plus a lot of you guys out there who I know read, listen & share my posts.

I have NEVER been so scared, excited, overwhelmed, nervous & spaced-out – all at the same time – than I have for the past couple of weeks – since I took the leap of faith!

As keen observers of my little space on know – I have always had a passion for promoting positive mental health, stepping up & sharing Mental Health challenges – in your personal & business lives – & also empowering people to thrive – to a life of their choosing – not one that’s been dictated to by situations, conditions or other people.

In the past couple of years – I have been a Keynote Speaker on Anxiety – picking up the tag ‘The Anxiety Guy’ along the way – which I believe is a compliment! ☺

So, my aim now is to take my raw, brutally honest & heartfelt message into workplaces – alongside trusted partners who deliver solutions, techniques & expertise.

But – in the words of Simon Sinek – I’ll start with my why…why I have I followed my passion to do this as a career – not just a personal calling?

Because I believe that businesses have an obligation to treat their people like people – acknowledging everything that it takes to support them to achieve.

Wellbeing in the Workplace should not just be a box ticking exercise – so it seems that they are doing the right things.

It should be a passion for those companies too – the very best companies that I have worked with so far have someone who shares the same emotional drive about Wellbeing that I have – they positively champion strategies & courses by including their people in that process.

Surely, we should all know that healthy, positive & vibrant workforces deliver the very best product/service/solution available.

I believe the biggest challenge is a very simple to understand one – it’s enabling people to be able to speak up, have a voice & not to be judged when they say exactly how they are feeling.

We all wear masks – whether that be in business, at networking events, with our friends, our families – we try to portray what people want us to be – not necessarily how we are feeling, truly.

We get that especially when we meet people;

“How are you today, Nick?”

“I’m great thanks Bob*, you?” *Names have been changed to protect the innocent ☺

“Yeah, great thanks – couldn’t be better…”

We all know how that conversation goes.  And hopefully – that will be the case – that everyone is actually great!

BUT – what if we aren’t?

We don’t tell people.  Why?;

  • We are scared of being judged
  • We are afraid of not being liked
  • We don’t want to upset/offend the person
  • We feel we aren’t able to be honest

The list goes on!

The truth is – in my experience – if you are honest & open – people will only queue up to help you! 

Despite what we are led to believe – people are still genuinely good – in the clear majority!

However, in the workplace – Mental Health is still considered a taboo subject – even if they company or organisation is paying lip service to it.

So people remain scared to speak.

I believe that if given the freedom to speak – even anonymously to a neutral person – people have the power to change their own workplaces without the need for a top down process.

When I have hosted anonymous forums for workers, by forward thinking employers – & fed back anonymously the information & insight gathered from their workforce – it has proven invaluable.

However, the most powerful change that I see – is from the ground up.  People, especially men it has to be said, who start speaking up in a closed environment – really begin to open up outside in the general workplace – where they would not of before.

It encourages a groundswell of honesty, wellbeing & true change – because it is driven by the workforce – not as a tick box exercise.  Your culture is shaped internally.

True revolution in Mental Health Awareness happens when the stigma is banished – and as an employer – you can positively impact the lives of all of your people – whilst increasing the productivity, profitability & fun in your business!

Now – doesn’t that sound like a great thing?

Thank you for reading this & until next time, have an amazing month ahead!



Nick Elston ‘The Anxiety Guy’

Founder of the Nick Elston Group