The potential of B2B email marketing

Plenty has been written about the techniques behind traditional email marketing campaigns aimed at consumers but B2B emails work a little different. Whilst it's still entirely true that you're still talking to a person, you have to think about it in a business context, meaning that a lot of B2C email marketing rules actually don't translate into becoming effective B2B techniques. We've taken a look at some B2B email marketing methods that are proven to work...

Content is key

Studies have shown that having good content wins out over having special offers and discounts. Data has suggested that having a call to action link with the text 'more info' is far more likely to succeed than a button with 'buy now' on it. Put simply, it's not all about the hard sell, so make sure your customers are fully informed with good, effective content before going in for the sale. In nearly all cases, recipients are going to want to know about the options they have, or they're after some helpful content. It all means that you have to get creative when it comes to getting your message across.

Constant contact

Unlike consumer emails, businesses are far likely to buy from someone they have a long-standing relationship with. Regular email marketing contact is a great way to establish a relationship, you can let them know all about yourself and build up a good deal of trust. It's unlikely anyone is going to buy something from you on impulse after one email, so be prepared to put in the work and be in it for the long haul. This means sending several emails over a longer period of time, and as long as you ensure your content is well thought through, you can gently nudge them in the direction of making a purchase.

Don't just target the top

It may seem like sending out an email to the CEO seems like a good idea, after all, they're in charge right? Unfortunately, CEO can be a misleading title, so you need to make sure you're targeting the right people within the businesses. If you're selling stationery, find the details of the head receptionist or stationery buyer and be wary of who the decision maker is in each company. They will likely all have different budgets as well as different behaviour in how they interact with an email, along with what kind of information they're after. It means that not only are you going to have to tailor your content, but you're going to have to know your audience.

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