Sourcing the images that will make your newsletters stand out

When sending out newsletters, emails or any form of marketing copy, images are absolutely vital. The old saying suggests that a picture can tell a thousand words, but to a marketer images are actually much more powerful than that.

Did you know, for example, that visuals infused with colour increase a person’s willingness to read a piece of content by a staggering 82%? Or that content with pertinent imagery attached is 94% more likely to be viewed than content without?

According to research by LifeLearn, when people hear a piece of information they are only able to remember around one-tenth of that knowledge three days later. However, should the exact same material be accompanied by an image that represents relevant data associated with the information, people will, on average, be able to recall 65% of what they learned three days later.

choosing images

It is quite clear, therefore, that images play a very important role in ensuring that people retain information. Humans are, by their very nature, attracted to visuals, so every piece of content you create – regardless of what it may be – should, if at all possible, come with images attached.

However, this is the point where some companies, particularly smaller ones, come into a bit of difficulty. Images can be notoriously expensive, with websites like Getty and Shutterstock often charging hundreds of pounds for the use of just a solitary picture. But there are some places out there that cater to those who want good quality images, but need them for little to no cost.

Websites such as,, and are all fantastic alternatives to the more established image hosting websites, and all of them have thousands of pictures that can be downloaded and used commercially for absolutely no cost. Nothing. Nada. These sites are full of quality, high-resolution shots that have been uploaded by photographers who only want their work out in the ether. Just give them a credit in your copy and they’ll be more than happy.

Images are fundamental when attempting to grab attention and keep a reader interested, so utilise them at each and every opportunity. And, with so many websites offering top drawer pictures for no cost, there’s now no excuse for failing to apply them to your copy.

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