Introducing the Winbox Machine

"A race against time". "Against the clock". "Living on borrowed time". They're all idioms that could apply to most small business owners, for whom time is always at a premium. A late 2015 survey from Sage showed that small business owners generally work over 40 hours per week, but 34% neglect to develop new business ideas - mainly because of time constraints. One in three said that they've lost customers thanks to time constraints, while 32% took just five days of holiday or fewer in the last 12 months.

Over the last 7 years of working in and for small businesses, we've focused on helping small businesses to save time (plus budget and training costs) by providing email marketing solutions to businesses in a range of sectors. Now, though, we're launching something a bit different. We like to think we're "in the right place at the right time", to continue the idiomatic theme...

The Winbox Machine is a brand new, all-in-one, affordable marketing solution - a "stitch in time", if you like. While we've previously only offered standalone email marketing packages, the Winbox Machine combines four different marketing tools in one monthly package.

The new service includes four different elements, namely:

  • A weekly blog article
  • Daily social media posts (on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • A monthly email marketing campaign
  • A monthly animation video

This solution helps to solve the problems small business owners face when it comes to marketing, which is often a lack of time, budget and marketing expertise. We believe this package is unbeatable in the market and early adopters of the offering have been overwhelmingly satisfied.

The Winbox Machine package is managed by marketing professionals, and is priced at just £400 +VAT per month: an affordable way to buy yourself some time. So, if you hardly have time to think, and want to stand out from your competition through effective marketing, contact us to find out how the Winbox Machine can help.