What is the Lansdown Club and why have Winbox become members?

At Winbox, we’re all about being the champions of email marketing – in many respects, it’s our sport and we play to win. With this in mind, we’re proud to announce our new membership to the Lansdown Club, a business membership organisation which aims to improve and inspire businesses to flourish via the medium of sport, with numerous benefits available to companies, regardless of size, status or industry.

The power of sport

We believe in the ethos of bringing sports and business together. There are many parallels between the two, so it comes as no surprise that businesses can learn from sport in order to improve morale, boost performance and increase productivity.

Within the world of sport, there’s a huge emphasis on planning, preparation and understanding techniques and processes, with an analytical approach to what helps an individual or team to achieve: precisely the sort of attitude we take towards creating successful newsletters and email marketing campaigns.

A positive approach

In business, it’s not unusual for a company to become analytical only when things have gone wrong, or when profits have taken a fall. Executives find themselves asking “what did we do wrong?”, when in actual fact their time might be better spent asking “What are we doing right?”

At Winbox, we take the elite athlete’s approach to digital marketing – the world’s top sports performers have an emphasis on what works in order to achieve. We’ve adopted this can-do attitude and dedication to preparation to ensure our campaigns score the right goals. We share this enthusiasm with fellow Lansdown Club members.

How the Lansdown Club benefits businesses

The beauty of the Lansdown Club is that it’s a fantastic place to get motivated and make new contacts at the same time. Every month the club hosts a Big Sports Breakfast, featuring inspirational speakers from the world of sport.

Inspire your business

If you’re looking for inspiration and marketing advice to improve the performance of your email campaigns, then look no further – our ‘Email Marketing for Winners’ eBook is packed full of incredibly useful tips and tricks to help you define your goals, develop a winning mailing list and improve those conversion rates - you can get your copy here.