Guest post: Tweet your way to success in Sales, by Nick Elston, Signable

Greetings ladies & gentlemen, another month strolls on by at a speed that is unnerving at best!

Following last months post entitled Heighten Your Profile & Engagement! - I am continuing to give you my own, unique insight in to the world of Twitter.

I stress - MY OWN, UNIQUE – insight...

The reason that I stress this part is that everyone seems to be telling you what to do on Social Media – what to post, what not to post and when and where to do it.

For me – post what you want, when you want and where you want – because everyone has a different agenda or purpose for Twitter and that will change - even just slightly from person to person.

Even culturally, what works in the US may not work here – and vice versa.

Have you noticed how many Social Media "Gurus" there are out there?

Unless the advice is coming straight from Mark Zuckerberg take it all with a huge pinch of salt

NOW – there are excellent sources of news on how different platforms are engaging their audiences, how they change algorithms every now and then (Seemingly just for a giggle!) and additional feature updates – which can be very useful.

But, no one should tell you how to be you.

Do you remember my insight from my last post? No? Shame on you – have a look back and then pop back here again!

Now you have caught up – you will know that I use Twitter as a conversation tool, posting both business and social from one account – because above all it keeps the content fresh, engages my audience on different levels and I am in charge of what I do on the platform.

Now anyone who knows me – will know that I am not a detail guy – the idea of a Social Media schedule fills me with dread and I have a big question mark over scheduled tweets!

However, there are some very cool apps which – if you did want to ensure content does reach your audience – you should check out – all of which I use;

Hootsuite (Free)

I use Hootsuite to watch columns or feeds of Twitter cont ent in real time, when I am working at my laptop. You can set up searches on your brand name, business, personal name or anything you wish. 

So for example the lists that I have are around what I do – Partnerships, Relationships, Networking, Sales & also by pro bono work on helping people beat Anxiety – by way of Public Speaking. All of which provide me with great insight, content and opinion that I can choose to read, share or engage with.

I also run lists on people mentioning Signable, my own name and also associations that I belong to such as 4Networking, Freemasonry, Slimming World as well as terms that people needing Signable or a Speaker – would search on. Even country music simply the best form of music ever created. In my opinion.

Have a think... what would your search terms be?

By engaging with people in your social circles, hobbies, interests and associations – you will grow a varied group of followers that stretches across all of the aspects you engage with.

This will introduce your business to the people that like the same music, will tell your fellow association members what else you are involved with – and in networking terms, help pass referrals and get visitors for events that you support!

The power of searching and engaging is immense.

Buffer (Free)

Buffer is an app which allows you to share content straight from the browser. Its free to use & allows you never to miss some content that you wish to share with your audience.

Even though I try and avoid scheduling of social media whenever possible, Buffer allows you to pick and choose the times that it shares, so you can be around to engage in conversation relating to that tweet.

The reason I am not keen on scheduling is because Twitter is like a real life, offline conversation – you wouldn't shout something at someone then run away – though the devil in me now thinks could be quite funny!

You would engage in a conversation. By posting content what you are not free to engage means that you are potentially missing out on an interested party, at that exact moment.

Twitter and tweeters love video, audio and pictures – so try and shake up your posts to make it more visually appealing. Also, what works brilliantly for me is combining my Twitter activity with an email campaign – such as the one you should be doing through Winbox!

One thing that I do want to throw in is this;

"It is your choice to engage!"

I say this because I noticed a lot of poison being thrown around after the EU referendum

last week – and people that are good friends were falling out left, right and centre –on both sides of the argument.

This is a perfect example of something that I choose NOT to engage with. Even if my mind is crying out that I want to make my opinion heard by responding –I DONT!

By all means express opinion in a sensible, observed and considered way but as soon as you can see it spiralling – eject! It will only bring down your image, your company and your brand.

The one thing that will always be true is that Twitter, like any other platform, it has its fair share of people who are crying out for an argument, who will only tweet negatively and will carry views and opinions that are extremist, aggressive and hurtful.

My strong advice is this – refuse to engage with it, tweet positively and enthusiastically, be a motivator and inspire people with your message.

If you find yourself on the wrong end of some of these trolls then just hit unfollow, block and/or report – because you do not need that in your life.

So, my homework for you last month was to set up a twitter account – if you haven't done this, then please do – and then...

Run searches (Identify)

  • Your name
  • Your business name
  • Your brand
  • Potential customers
  • Hobbies/Interests
  • Associations/Networks

Engage (Action)

  • Create conversation
  • Post great content in real time
  • Ask questions
  • Respond to those who need your service/product
  • Link in to other Social Media platforms
  • Run alongside email marketing campaigns
  • Welcome new followers
  • Share challenges & opportunities

Let me finish with a little story about Twitter – especially for those who aren't sure about mixing business and social.

Many years ago, back in my Office Supplies days –I was supplying a small business with their stationery etc and dealing with a really nice lady who was working on their reception.

I make it a habit to connect with my customers on Twitter – so we formed a connection away from business – so I got to learn more about her, her interests and her personality.

The company decided to make the lady redundant and she never found a job for a good 18 months or so down the line.

Did I stop interacting or unfollow her – just because financially she wasn't worth anything to me? Of course not – if you look at people with £ signs over their heads – you are missing out on so much. I liked her, I wanted to help her – so I introduced her via Twitter to Recruitment people that I know, to other businesses that I could think of and also helped her with anxiety issues that she had developed.

Fast forward 18 months and she landed an excellent job with a very big company – and guess who she got in as their supplier? You guessed it, me.

That business went on to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds with me and my company – all thanks to being myself on Twitter.

True story.

So go on, get out there – start listening, engaging and share your insight – but just remember to be yourself.

You can tweet me @NickElston_ as I’d love to hear your progress or answer any questions that you have.

Catch you next month!

Thanks for the excellent article Nick. You can learn more about Signable here.