‘On The Winbox’: a video marketing case study

Video is king. In a recent study from Demand Metric, 74% of B2B marketers claimed that video converts better than any other medium. It’s an impressive stat.

You may feel that video marketing isn’t for you: it’s too difficult, too expensive, too time-consuming. The truth? It’s a lot easier, cheaper and faster than you may think.

Here at Winbox, we started to up our video game in February 2016 with our ‘On The Winbox’ series (which you’ll find on our YouTube channel). The series has evolved since its creation in terms of the content, the equipment we’re using and our editorial process. Here’s how we do it ourselves...

The equipment

When we first launched ‘On The Winbox’, each video was shot on a MacBook webcam. It wasn’t long until we realised that our videos were getting good attention from our audience. They were a talking point when we were having conversations with current and potential customers, and so we decided to up our game while sticking to a reasonable budget.

We purchased a HD camera for around £250 and a tripod for £20, which had an instant impact on the quality of our videos. We also borrowed some lighting from a co-worker. While we were lucky enough to know someone with the right kit, basic lighting for video is now pretty affordable when bought online.

The content

Each of our videos begins and ends with an animated intro and outro created by local firm Clear As Day Productions, so that each episode is consistent, on-brand and professional-looking.

Our core content has evolved since we began: at the start, our approach was to ask people to tweet us questions, which we would answer in the next video. However, we weren’t receiving enough questions to allow us to create videos with the frequency that we’d have liked, which led to a change of direction. Now, our format is simple: each time we choose a topic on which we have expertise, set up the camera and lighting, and shoot the video in one take. If there are a few mistakes, we don’t mind - we like to keep things genuine.


The editing

Video editing is one of those things that looks tough, but is actually pretty simple. We like to keep the edits minimal for a more genuine-looking video. Once we’ve filmed each episode, we upload the video to iMovie and add our intro and outro.

Our editing skills have definitely improved over time: it takes around 20 minutes to edit each video, including adding the odd title here and there to improve the viewer’s experience. All in all, it means that each video takes less than an hour to create and share.

The publishing

After editing, we upload each video to YouTube, then use QuickTime to detach the audio. We upload this audio to SoundCloud, which we can both tweet out as an audio link and add to our blogs as a listening choice. By adding the audio to SoundCloud, each episode is also automatically added to our podcast on iTunes.

When it comes to sharing, we use multiple channels: each video is included in our weekly newsletter (which you can sign up to here), as well as being shared via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, YouTube, our blog page and iTunes. We’re certainly getting our money’s worth…

The results

To mid-June, our videos have received 2,122 views. They may not be massive viewing numbers, but we have a huge depth of engagement from our audience who enjoy seeing content that shows our personality and passion - not just words on a page.

Since implementing our video strategy, we’ve seen a real upturn in business, and we’re certain that the ‘On The Winbox’ series played a massive part. We know our viewer numbers will increase over time. We’re certainly enjoying using video marketing as a versatile, fun, and cost-effective way to show people what we do and how much we love doing it!

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