Our guide to the true value of value

Every customer loves getting good value for their time and their money.

It works the opposite way too: we at Winbox know that happy customers who feel valued are loyal customers, and they are more likely to spread the word about our services.

Adding value to both your email marketing campaign and your wider marketing strategy is essential, and we want to show you why it’s the key to success. Read on for our guide to the true value of value, and how to generate it in your own marketing campaign.

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The value of reciprocation

There’s an old adage that always rings true: give what you wish to receive. If you want customers to give your business time and attention, then you must first provide them with something that they value.

By providing interesting, engaging and informative content for free through your email campaign, you are creating a relationship of reciprocity. The principle of reciprocation is rooted in psychology. Give something of value, and the receiver will likely feel like they ‘owe’ you something in return. Having read and gained something from your content, many customers will be more likely to buy from you at that time, or at a future point – or at least consider you in future buying decisions.

Of course, don’t give and give and give without seeing a return on your efforts. If your audience isn’t responding to your content in the way they should, alter your approach. Tailor your content to suit your customers, and they should reward you for it.

Customers are people, not numbers

Drawing new moths to the flame these days is less a game of numbers, and more a matter of good quality advice and content. If a recipient feels like you are sending them ‘buy-me’ messages and untailored, pesky emails, you will be marked as spam in a flash.

Instead, your email campaign needs to justify itself. Ask, are my recipients gaining something from the information and content I am sending them? If not, you need to go back to the drawing board. Make sure you put time into building relationships through your email campaign, and showing your potential customers why they should trust your services.

How do I deliver value?

Want to find out what your customers value? It’s simple: you ask them. Do your research by gathering together all of those inquiries your leads and clients have made, or send out a survey to gauge their wants and needs. Their answers should form the template for your future email content.

Filter and connect

Finally, a successful email campaign does not provide a blanket service to all customers - so don’t try to.

Some of your subscribers may already be total converts and have been loyal customers for a while. Others may be new to your company, and need to be shown the valuable services you provide to give you their trust.

Take time to filter through your subscriber base to figure out who’s who, and then tailor your offerings to suit their needs. This is done by segmenting your lists based on the findings of your analytics, then sending specific content to the relevant segments. By making both your new and old customers feel valued in their own particular ways, you create a relationship with them, which then creates reciprocity.

So, what can we learn from this? Treat your recipients more like individuals with needs, and less like cash machines. By valuing them as people and providing answers to their questions, they will see value in your business. Keep the recipient satisfied, and you are sure to reap the benefits in no time.


For more information, read our guide to creating trust through your email marketing campaign, or talk to Marc at Winbox.