Inside Marc's Head - what do you think of when you think about marketing?

Marketing means different things to different people and there are endless definitions and interpretations, as well as countless opinions on the best way to do it.

But what do you think of when you hear the term marketing? Does your mind switch to oh no another brand is trying to get me to part with my money, or do you feel as though you are bombarded by marketing and it’s a mess you need to battle through each day to go about your daily living and working lives?

Well I don't believe that marketing should have those connotations. I believe it should be:

  • Something that helps the recipient on the other end

  • A demonstration of a company's passion, mission and what they truly care about

  • And something that makes the world a better place by the sharing of a company's expertise (because if a company's offering isn't making the world a better place then they shouldn't be in business)

So, what does your marketing say about your business? That you're just after the sale and to get more money? Or is it a true demonstration of what you're truly passionate about and why your company is in existence. If you have any thoughts please add a comment below and I aim to respond to every one.

Marc Woodland

Winbox Ltd

P.S. I'm a huge fan of practising what you preach and I believe our marketing demonstrates that we’re a company that is seeking change through turning marketing into channels that provide value to a company's audience, to build long-term relationships of mutual value.