Heighten Your Profile & Engagement, by Nick Elston

See what I did there? H.Y.P.E. For me, that’s what it’s all about on Social Media.

The world is watching.

Well, at least they are when they know you exist.

One of the best pieces of advice that I was ever given when starting out on Social Media is “Whatever you want to achieve, you need to build an audience”. (Thanks Stefan Thomas!)

This sounds simple – but actually when you first set out on ‘your first tweet’ – you are basically talking to yourself. In my case, that is a common occurrence, but that – my friends – is for another blog post!

Now – Social Media is a HUGE topic – so following my previous posts about using LinkedIn – I want to talk all things Twitter this month – as it is a FANTASTIC tool to run alongside your LinkedIn activities.

Twitter is a platform that allows you to post 140 character updates to your audience – giving you an awesome platform to update your followers, engage in online conversations and post content direct to your tribe.

Look, let’s cut to the chase – no one else is going to make you a rock star of your business/industry/organisation/life – YOU need to make it happen.

I am a firm believer that EVERYONE in business – whether an employee, owner or Director – should promote their PERSONAL profile ABOVE their company profile.

“Why?” I hear you ask.

For these reasons;

If you are an employee – by raising your own profile and engaging people to ‘buy in’ to you – you instantly build a transferrable network of contacts for any future career of your choice. It genuinely is still a ‘people buy from people’ world.

If you are an owner/Director – by building your own personal profile you build a reputation as an expert in your field, an industry leader – someone that people aspire to be. You can attract better employees, bigger customers and increase your social standing.

But, here is the great thing – EVERYONE will have their own unique following – based on your tastes, hobbies, interests, favourite TV shows, sports, opinions – whatever you decided to share with the world. There is no-one in the world who will generate the exact same following as you.

So why would you be happy, in business, just having one corporate twitter account blasting out ‘buy my stuff’ tweets and not engaging with people?

Here at Signable, we are very big on raising personal profile, which massively benefits the business. Yes, we have a company twitter account – but each of us have very active social channels, with our own unique audience and engaging in our own different ways.

But – I’m jumping the gun – let’s get you started on becoming that rock star…

Yes, the world is watching. But they are watching offline and online.

Let’s face it, the first people that you look for when setting out on Twitter – other than the celebs – are your real life friends and acquaintances.

And maybe people you just want to stalk – in the nicest possible way of course! (See my previous Winbox blog post!)

So – this brings me to the best tip I could ever offer you on Twitter:

BE YOURSELF. Exactly as you are offline, that’s how you should be online.”

Why? Because whether people know you or not – Twitter allows you to engage and build trust, rapport and accountability – hopefully to the point where people may actually wish to meet – I’m still talking business here, steady – but when they meet you – they have a picture in their head of who you are.

If you are portraying a different personality online than offline – the relationship ends there.

I have met a fair few people who are very aggressive online, always keen to be negative – but when I have actually met them, they are actually really timid. That maybe because I’m 6’4” and 20 odd stone though.

So when you have begun to add some people, over time – depending on how often you are tweeting – you can then begin engagement. Do NOT just broadcast at people but DO speak in your own tone of voice.

I made the decision, from day one, to have one Twitter account for everything. So on my account - @NickElston_ - I use it as a real time online journal to talk about whatever I am up to at the time.

The benefits of this are;

  • Content is always fresh and relevant.

  • Not solely business – increases following.

  • Not solely personal – engages businesses as well.

  • I build my audience in many different circles and areas of my life, then cross refer.*

  • Increases engagement and keeps it interesting.

  • I am in total control of my brand across all areas of my life.

As I said – this is a huge topic, even just Twitter on its own – so I will leave it there for this month – but at least now, or by next month at worst – you will have a Twitter account and then we can get down to strategies on;

  • Building your Brand

  • Getting Sales from Twitter

  • Connecting it all up!

So, until then – have a fantastic month ahead and I look forward to catching you again next month!

And please do pop on and say hello on Twitter!

*Keep your eyes peeled for more on ‘referrals’ later in the year!