There are no shortcuts... be genuine (inside Marc's head)

Even in the modern business environment it seems that many small businesses are still looking for shortcuts when it comes to business growth. That app that does everything for them so they don’t have to. Or that marketing campaign that is going to get huge results over night.

The cold hard truth is that there are no shortcuts in business. In the past maybe you could play the numbers game or try to sell, sell, sell before doing any groundwork and have great success… but the modern business environment is a lot more precious.

Building a business and attracting new clients is tough… especially at the start. You need to put processes in place that are focused on the long-game and building a genuine relationship with your audience. Your focus has to be on the greater good and actually helping people… not just because you want their money, but because you genuinely care and actually want to positively affect the market you're involved in through your expertise.

This approach builds relationships and trust with your audience which is now a necessity in order to sell to someone.

At Winbox we talk a lot about acting with honesty and integrity, and I truly believe that businesses that adopt this approach will be the winners. The companies that genuinely care about their audience will be the businesses reaping the benefits for many years to come… whereas the one’s who are just after your money will be left scratching their heads.

Obviously every business needs to focus on having a money making model to stay in business and be a success… but this must not be your only motive, and the genuine approach will lead to people wanting to buy your product and sharing their positive experience with their contacts.

So does your business genuinely care about helping their audience? About sharing their expertise to improve their market? Or can you not really be bothered with all of that and just want the easy sale?

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