What is the point in corporate video?

The term “corporate video” is often used as a catchall term for B2B and B2C video. In this instance I am using it in its true sense being a video that captures a corporate image. More specifically the types of videos that showcase Bob’s appliances LTD. They usually contain a few talking heads, office/factory shots, non intrusive music with a company logo at the end.  

What is the point in corporate video? What does corporate video actually do? What can it do? 9 times out of 10 the point of a corporate video is completely missed. Without stating the obvious, the main purpose is to show the world who you are, what you do and more importantly why you do it.

Corporate video, if used correctly can be a very clever way to win over new clients and affirm your brand’s position in its industry. So how do we do this?

Firstly don’t outstay your welcome, attention spans are short, so the shorter the better. I always recommend to my clients to keep everything between 1-2 mins max. Keep your message focused, corporate videos are often guilty of long winded talking heads, nobody wants to hear your life story. Keep the information refined and to the point. Every second of screen time counts and you don’t want to waste any time with non vital information.

Don’t get caught up with facts, have a balance more in favour of emotion. Using emotion to get your message across can be a very powerful and clever means of getting your brand out there. For instance as I write this article my shock resistant hard drive is next to me. According to the packaging these hard drives can withstand 3g of impact, an interesting fact but what does that mean? Relying on facts to differentiate your brand can be dangerous. What does withstanding 3g of impact mean to me as a consumer? Emotion can be used here to really drive the message home. This hard drive is full of work, or in a more consumer setting could be backups of family photos, irreplaceable data. Usually if a portable hard drive falls and hits the floor it’s game over, no more data. Except in this case your data is safe as this model can withstand an impact of 3g and still function. With this brief example we have used emotion in a real world scenario. Making the connection to work (survival) or precious memories (family) to demonstrate the security (safety) this product offers. Finishing with us backing up this claim with fact, it can withstand 3g of impact.

Now it may be easy to see how emotion can be used to communicate on a business to customer level but how does it work on a business to business level? A good start is to think beyond laughter and tears when thinking of emotion. The admiration of peers, a superior feeling of insider knowledge and experience in your field can be motivators for people to engage with your brand.

As mentioned in my previous articles, I'm not a fan of voice overs as they can add an air of sterility. Also on an emotional level, knowledge and confidence can be heard in your voice so I prefer to use someone with knowledge of the product/business.

So to summarise; the point of corporate video is to show the world who you are (identity), what you do (product) and why you do it (brand). If you can stick to this, you cannot go wrong.

One final point, by utilising emotion to engage your audience you are starting to tap into the dark arts of the communications industry. In future articles I will be writing more and more about how hypnotic techniques are used to manage perceptions, engage audiences and drive sales.

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