Case study: Clare Davis

Clare Davis is the founder of Nova Associates, a Bristol-based company that offers in-house training to help businesses learn more about behavioural styles, with a view to harmonising workplace interactions and maximising productivity.

With the ongoing support of Winbox, Clare has been able to revitalise her email marketing strategy, enjoying a wider reach and increased customer engagement as a result. In this case study, we’ll describe where she came from, where she is today, and how we helped to get her there.

Why did Clare turn to Winbox?

Although Clare had an existing email marketing strategy before coming to Winbox, she felt it lacked a professional edge. A serendipitous meeting through a mutual friend introduced her to Marc Woodland, our managing director, and a whole new approach to email marketing.

How did Winbox help?

“Marc offered me a 12-month plan with an emphasis on generating content tailored to our target market,” says Clare. In Nova Associates’ case, this means businesses in the medical and recruitment sectors. It wasn’t just the company’s existing content that had a facelift, though. With Marc’s guidance, Clare began to adopt entirely new formats, such as monthly video blogs, with the goal of reaching wider audiences. This approach has been fruitful, to say the least, but Winbox does more than simply arm you with a battle plan and then leave you to fend for yourself.

The 12-month strategy is supplemented with quarterly meetings, providing an opportunity to reflect on progress to date and pave the way forward for coming months. While these meetings serve as an important checkpoint, their utility extends beyond simply taking feedback and tweaking game plans. They equally offer a breeding ground for entirely novel ideas, redefining the course ahead.

Case in point: Marc recently proposed that Clare send cards to recipients who open a mailshot, and then follow up with a phone call shortly afterwards. This tactic directly acknowledges their interest in Nova Associates, and it’s enabled Clare to harness the power of email marketing not only in identifying leads, but in nurturing and ultimately boosting her chance of converting them.

The upshot

Thanks to her new-and-improved email marketing strategy, Clare has enjoyed several tangible improvements in customer engagement. Her open-rate has increased by 7% in the past year alone, and her click-through rate now sits at almost double the industry standard. Needless to say, Clare is more than satisfied with these results, and with the guidance that Winbox provided behind the scenes to get her there.

“I would highly recommend Marc and his team from Winbox for your email marketing. He’s passionate about helping your business grow in the most cost effective way – and going the extra mile to support you.”

For more information on how Winbox can help with your email marketing needs, contact Marc today, or join us over on Twitter.