Identify your DREAM clients

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Ok, ok - so the term ‘Dream Prospects’ is massively overused in business networking!

BUT - the message is 100%, totally and completely relevant to the future growth of your business.

So, Dream Prospects = game changing new business.

If you do not know who your Dream Prospects are - then I promise you, you will spend most of your Sales activity scrabbling around in the 80% of businesses that will NOT give you massive profitability - but will provide you with MOST of the legwork and hassle.

In my many years of selling - I have fallen into the trap many times of going for the ‘quick wins’ or ‘low hanging fruit’ - which quite often takes just as much time to convert and then more time to manage!

For me, activities such as Social Media, Business Networking and Email Marketing (Winbox, for example :)) are perfect for securing the ‘bread and butter’ business and when done well - will ensure you never again have to pitch for any business below your Dream Prospect level - it will all just come to you!

This then frees up your time to focus on the BIG business - the 20% of your prospects who - if you won their business - would absolutely revolutionise your business, the complete ‘game changers’!

So, the question that I want to ask you is - ‘Who is your ideal client (Dream Prospect)?’.


Let's say, for example, that you have a business selling widgets. You have the BEST widgets available. They are shiny, funky, time-saving, cost effective and really solves a problem for people.

Now, you may think that a huge Supermarket chain like Asda or Tesco (other supermarkets are available!) would be your Dream Prospect.

Yes - they would be. But they are not your Dream Prospect.  

Your Dream Prospect is the PERSON who is the correct decision maker at Asda or Tesco - people buy products, businesses don’t buy products. And people buy from people.

So, as per my last post here (If you want more Sales, go detective!) - you need to get personal!

But keeping to this month’s theme, in terms of identifying prospects - here are some tools that I use;


LinkedIn is an amazing tool and an essential piece of my Sales armoury. I can spend hours prospecting on LinkedIn because it really drills down to the exact business that I want.

I subscribe to the LinkedIn Premium account - as the business I get back from that is many thousands of pounds every month.

How I use this will be the subject of my Winbox Blog post next month - so stay tuned!


DueDil is a great resource - I use the free version - for looking at a prospect’s business size, turnover and other details.

It also allows me to get information on the Directors of that business - and quite often their Social Media links.


Here are some great things to search for on Google:

  • Blogs, articles and editorials from your ‘Dream Prospect’ - get engaged with them.
  • Search for their business - look for any activities, insight or information - knowledge is power!
  • Look at their reviews - what are people saying about them?  Could this give you an advantage when looking to solve a problem?

Also, whilst you are on there…

Google yourself and your business - what are people saying about you, your business and your product/service/widgets?

Not too long ago, I wanted to check out the opening times of a pub - so I popped in to Google the location of where I was going to be…the top hit was that of a national chain of pubs, in the location I searched for.

No news there, I hear you say!  

However, the number 1 review they had shown - at the top of the page, in all it’s glory was “All of the staff appear as if they are on drugs”.

Safe to say - I gave that one a wide swerve!  

Check your own digital property.

But back, to business - you NEED to know your ideal client (Dream Prospect) to really boost your business - so give it some thought and please reach out to me if I can be of any help.

Next month, we will look at how to engage them on LinkedIn!