How to make stats sexy: and other great uses for motion graphics

Motion graphics is often an overlooked, underrated or at best afterthought in corporate video. This article is going to briefly cover common examples of how motion graphics can bring information to life. Admittedly, statistics is not the most exciting subject matter in the world but is a great example of how something as potentially dull as stats can be used to entertain and inform via the medium of animation.

Over the years I have seen many a talking head video, usually for internal communication purposes, where a CEO would reel off figures as part of an end of year report. The majority of employees either switch off or glaze over as the video is playing. Video is a great way to save money when trying to communicate internally to a large company, but what is the point if the viewer’s eyes glaze over after the first sentence? Video should be entertaining, regardless of the subject matter. This is where motion graphics can completely turn around an otherwise boring video.

In this particular application there are two main ways to use Motion Graphics. They can be used in conjunction with live action footage, i.e. inserted into shot, or as a stand alone animated infographic. This can range from simply having numbers and text animate on and off screen all the way to using graphics to metaphorically represent the data. The latter I personally find more effective as it helps break the data down into easy to understand chunks.

Another great application for motion graphics is in testimonial videos. In short all your clients want to know is; what is in it for them. They need convincing that your services will give them a return. So rather than having a dull testimonial video consisting of talking heads telling the world how good you are. Why not use animation to show what your product will do for your client. For instance if you have case study data from existing clients you can use animation to spell out exactly what your product has achieved.

A not so obvious application of motion graphics is its use when dealing with sensitive subjects. My company was approached by Testicular Cancer charity “It’s in the Bag” last year with a request to make a series of videos as part of an awareness campaign. The brief was to make it as tongue in cheek as possible to dispel the sense of doom and gloom and encourage men to check themselves. Check it out below.

As you can see, using their existing branding, we were able to convert the text information on that page into a light hearted 90 second video. Motion graphics should always look and feel like an extension of your brand.

I hope you have enjoyed this rather brief article on motion graphics and how they can bring dull information to life. As always if there are any questions about any aspect of corporate video, please send them over and I shall answer them in upcoming articles.

Written by Liam Bauckham -