BUY IT NOW: When and how to use sales emails

When turning a subscriber into a customer, the sales email is one of the most potent weapons at your disposal. It packs a punch and spells out in no uncertain terms why you are the best, why the customer would be crazy not to sign up, and how exactly they should go about doing that. When deployed at the right time it can be used to devastating effect… but overuse it at your peril.

A sales email needs to be sent at the right moment. Used at the wrong time, it can leave you exposed and the customer on the defensive. After all, we have all had sales emails that have absolutely no relevance to us, and we’ve quickly dismissed them as spam. However, a sales email from a company you know and have been thinking about for a while is a completely different matter. It can prove the tipping point that makes you commit.

Getting into position: The difference between a marketing and a sales email

A sales email is a full-on message which sings your company's praises. A marketing email, on the other hand, is a different type of message. It may not even be about your company directly - it may be about your area of expertise, the latest innovations in the industry or a wider national story that links back to your product - but it will demonstrate your knowledge and build a relationship with your customer.

Marketing emails should be valued by the recipient as a source of interesting, useful and relevant information. A strategically planned and successful email marketing campaign will get your company into the right position to turn a prospect into a client - and this is the correct time to send out a sales email.

The Winbox strategy

At Winbox, we have developed our own strategy for guiding prospects through the sales journey to the correct point at which to receive a sales email. We don’t advocate carpet-bombing all your contacts in a mail merge and hoping for the best. We take a personalised and targeted approach that yields great results. We work with our clients individually to identify prospects that are ready for a sales email.

We do this by meeting with our clients periodically to analyse and assess the marketing campaign's effectiveness. We look at how your market audience is responding, who is the most receptive and who are the top engagers. Using this data, we can establish who is ready for deployment of the sales message.

When the right moment comes to turn a prospect into a client, a sales email is just one way to deliver the push. In some instances a phone call works better, in others direct mail, and in some cases something a bit different, like lumpy mail. It really depends on the situation and the prospective client.

Hitting the target

Sales emails work if they’re sent at the right time, to the right people, in the right way. Sending out sales emails completely cold is ineffective. You need to engage with your audience first, tell them more about you and your brand, give them some value - and then, target those who show the required signs of interest. A carefully worded sales email, at this point, will give you the best possible chance of success.

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