Breathing new life into flagging email campaigns

You did it. You added a email signup form to your website; offered a discount for customers who signed up to your newsletter; and you worked your list, sending out regular email campaigns.

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So far, so good: but now, open and click rates for your messages are dropping and inspiration for new email content is drying up. So what now?

If you’ve hit a wall with your campaign, don’t give up hope on getting results. We are the resurrection…

1. Analyse this

Even if the conversion rates generated by your email campaigns are lower than you’d have liked, your experience hasn’t been a waste of time. Use the analytics tools in your sender software, and look for standout data. Which of your emails performed best? Which ones flopped? What patterns can you find? Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions about your email efforts – like whether you’re sending too many or too few messages. In doing so, you may find obvious issues which can be easily addressed.

2.  Analyse that

Since you started emailing customers and leads, your business goals may have changed. Is your email strategy still valid? If you didn’t have a clear plan, now is the time to make one – and if you did, it’s time to reassess your goals and target readership.

3. Reformulate your content

As your goals and audience change, so will the types of content that make your readers tick. That industry round-up or case study format that made you stand out in previous years has now lost its shine. Using insights from your analytics portal, ask yourself; what could I be writing instead?

Marketing evaluation

Consider using your next campaign to ask readers what content would interest them most. Use their responses to build up different segments in your subscribers’ list, to which you only send certain types of email.

4. Clean your lists

Times change and so do your customers’ email addresses. Sending your campaigns to void addresses is not only a waste of effort, it can damage your sender reputation and make your emails end up in other customers’ junk folders. Before sending your next campaign, upload your address book to BriteVerify, which will flag inactive accounts. Remove those from the list and reduce your bounce rate.

Next, the other half of the battle: to actively cull your subscriptions. The longer your email signup form exists on your site, the more entries are added to your list. Great – except when those addresses are of poor quality. If your campaigns are going to valid email addresses but are not being opened, this also impacts on your sender reputation. Time to get weeding out the worst.

5.  Consider a makeover

Depending on when you built your email template, design trends may have moved on. Take a step back and ask how eye-catching and clear your communications are. Emails should be light on text, simple to understand and run to a clearly defined call to action. Think beyond your desktop: today, up to 70% of emails are opened on mobile. How do yours look on smaller screens?

Email marketing makeover

6. Test subject

Your content may be aesthetically appealing, but if your subject lines aren’t working hard then readers won’t even bother to open your campaigns. Using your analytics portal, find out which of your previous campaigns scored the highest open rates and whether the subject lines share any common features. Then put your lessons into practice. It worked for Obama.

7. Try bribery

Everyone loves something for nothing, and while all of your content should offer your readers a measure of value, sometimes you need to give more. Offer readers a free download or coupon or another reward in your subject line. Make your offer easy to redeem and worth clicking to; it’s important not to leave a bad taste by wasting your readers’ time. Before you send, be sure to add a ‘share’ button to your content – an easy way to achieve potential newsletter sign-ups.

There you have it: seven tips to bring the most beleaguered email campaigns back from the dead. Still need help? Tweet us your email marketing questions to @WinboxMarketing.