The good guys are the new winners

In this article I will explain to you why the good guys are now the big winners in business and why you need to focus on your passion towards solving the problem that your business solves.

The companies that win and achieve long-term success are the ones who are passionate about and focus on the value they can contribute to the market. Be this with their services or products every company has something that they actually do and this has to be the light that guides all of their decisions, communications and actions.

Focus on what you actually do

If you’re an accountant you don’t just do accounts, you help business owners to understand where they are financially so they can sleep at night and ensure they’re doing the right things to keep the lights on. If you’re a marketer you’re helping business owners to communicate their businesses purpose to the right people so you can help them make other people's lives better. It’s so important that you understand what this is for your business and communicate it in your actions.

The actions aren’t just for when you’re getting paid

We need to make money but the great thing is the business-side comes as a byproduct if you focus on what’s really important. So if you’re a copywriter focus your actions on helping your audience to communicate better through the written word. This means creating content; free guides, videos, whitepapers, doing speaking engagements. Whatever you can do to get your expertise out there. Clients will come off the back of it as they’ll know that even with all of your free advice they’re not going to write as well as you, or have the time / discipline to do it on a regular basis.

If you’re a photographer help the iPhone / Instagram photographer to take a great photo, with expert lighting advice and such. They’ll know when they need a professional job or eventually have a bigger budget and will come to you.

Communicate your passion

It’s so true that people buy from people. If someone likes you, trusts you and has a need for your services then they will buy from you. No doubt about it. The best way to build a trusting relationship is to demonstrate that you’re serious about solving the problem that your business seeks to solve. Not just the ones who are there to make as much money as possible. That’s a byproduct of doing things the right way.

If someone likes you, trusts you and has a need for your services then they will buy from you.

We can smell passion

When you are talking to someone who is passionate about a subject you can tell in a split second. It gives us a warm feeling inside because you know what they’re talking about they really care about and it’s great to see. I’ve come out of many a sales meeting and the prospect has said we’ll go ahead because we really like your passion for your subject. If I can get passionate about sending emails you can get passionate about your thing.

The reason I’m so passionate about email marketing is because I know how by doing it the right way and by spreading value to your permission-based audience I am helping a business owner to reach their goals in life. I am helping to create more jobs, pay rises, celebrations, etc. Well worth getting out of bed for and getting passionate about.

So what makes you tick

So think about what you actually do and action it even when you’re not being paid. Then thank me in 6 months time when your business is growing off the back of this advice.