An eye-opener: The power of influencers

I’ve learnt many lessons from our recent New York trip in which we appeared on Gary Vaynerchuk’s ‘Ask Gary Vee’ show. The one that stood out for me the most has been the power of influencers. Being associated with an entrepreneur to the scale and respect of Gary Vee, along with the power of exposure to his audience has had a huge impact on our KPI’s.

At the end of October, I was preparing an end of month report to run through our most important KPI’s from the month, and compare them to previous months. The categories of the KPI’s includes operations, performance, sales and marketing. In every single KPI (apart from one...darnit) we had seen a significant increase. An example of some of the increases includes:

  • 70.8% increase in unique website visitors

  • 983.8% increase in Twitter profile visits (our twitter handle was in the show’s Youtube caption)

  • 175.2% increase in Facebook page engagements and

  • 28.6% increase in the amount of leads generated

These increases are very impressive and we can’t deny that a lot of it was down to the Gary Vee experience. However, we also made our own bed to lie in by leveraging the experience as much as we could and ‘hustling’ all of the YouTube comments and Facebook comments that Gary receives relating to the videos that we were on. We didn’t hard sale in any of these interactions we merely just engaged with people and if they mentioned us responded to what they had to say.

It got me thinking about how powerful it can be to be associated with the best in the business and leverage the audience that they have (in a respectful way) the best you can. And since the trip me and the team have been racking our brains for more influencers in our field that we can try to connect with (if you have any connections please let me know).

Also on the show was Jake Paul, an internet celebrity in the States boasting an audience of 17 million followers. He’s made a living out of being an influencer and I’m sure the brands that he represents get huge kickbacks from their affiliation.

So, think about the most respected people in your industry. Shoot for the stars and see what connections you can make and see for yourself the power it can have on your business.