How to emphasise your USP in email marketing

Whatever the unique selling point of your business, it has to come across in your email marketing because you’re competing against all the other companies in that potential customer’s inbox. Here’s how to focus on the USP within your newsletters and win new customers…

Give your customers behind-the-scenes access

Email marketing newsletters are sent to people who want to engage with you and your product – they chose to sign up, so you’ve been given their initial attention. Keep their interest with insider access, through a behind-the-scenes blog post or introducing them to the inspiration behind a product. In the case of a creative business, you could share a mood board or get a few quotes from a product designer.

If you provide a service, why not show your employees taking on a big project, joining in with a charity initiative, or simply provide some number-crunching facts on your work and get them made into an infographic? Being more transparent can work wonders for engagement and consumers’ trust in your brand.

Provide added value in your email marketing

Relentless sales pitches via email are frustrating. Readers know you’re trying to sell them something when they spot your newsletter in their inbox, but what makes it more palatable is the added value from the content - the interesting links, images or details. Let’s say you’re a homeware brand: don’t just promote your new range of cushions. Share your three favourite interior designers on Instagram; invite customers to send in photos of your products in their homes. Start a dialogue!


Similarly, if you’re a travel company selling a holiday, don’t just tell people you’ve got a Canary Islands sale special offer. Highlight the temperatures in the Canaries next month, or a cool film that’s been shot there recently. Pass on tips from locals about upcoming events that your customers shouldn’t miss. When they book that holiday, offer even more content in the confirmation and follow-up email. It takes little time to do the research, but you’re showing you’re driven by more than just sales; you’re selling an experience.

Be tech-savvy

US business website Forbes recently drew attention to the gap between successful email newsletter opening rates and conversions to sales. Thanks to data from eMarketer, it noted more customers opened the emails on mobile devices than on computers but, due to technical glitches such as slow website loading times or a poorly functioning app, mobile subscribers were less likely to convert into customers.

The solution? Ensure your marketing newsletters and your website are both mobile-friendly. That means your clickable email images have the right links, and your website looks as good on a tablet or smartphone as it does on a desktop.

So, what are you waiting for? Get into email marketing now and revolutionise your business! Contact Marc at