Guest post: Never assume anything…

Never assume anything…

But I’ll come on to that, right at the end!

So, this is the time of the month when I submit to the lovely people at Winbox a new Sales blog post, to send out to you awesome readers & listeners (you can catch the audio of this too, don’t you know!)…

BUT, (dons Michael Caine glasses) ‘not a lot of people know this’ – I also perform Speaking Engagements to schools, organisations and businesses on Anxiety & OCD.

I have been talking to Winbox’s ‘Grand Fromage’ – Marc Woodland – recently, about this and how people have been SO engaged with the content and subject matter – completely overwhelming.

So, we decided to – for this month at least – try publishing my guest blog for October 16 on an area relating to Anxiety – just to shake things up!  

I do hope that it’s ok with you guys – and please do let us know your thoughts.

What qualifies me to speak about Anxiety & OCD?  

Well, for most of my life I have suffered with this – from childhood to the present day – thankfully, far less now than ever before.

So hopefully, by me sharing my experiences, management techniques and advice – I will be able to help people in some way.

I’m looking at my diary now – and in the next few months I have already been booked to speak 8 times on this subject, from Schools to Banks, from audiences of 20 people to 200.

The reason why I believe people engage with this in a greater way than anything else I do – by far – are for these reasons;

Mental Health is still an extremely taboo subject – especially in business.  So those that speak out and share challenges, are listened to and respected.

EVERYONE has anxieties – to varying degrees.  Actually, Anxiety is a good thing.  It’s what stops us doing dangerous things – but in the same breath – can hold you back from fulfilling your destiny.

Because I am speaking from experience – I have been there, done it, tried it, failed and succeeded.

AND, before you read this as a subliminal advert to book further Speaking Engagements (!) – I donate all speaking fees to charity – for me, this is not driven by anything other than my desire to help people.

If this proves useful to you all and more importantly helpful and of benefit, then you may be reading and listening more about this ongoing!

Either way, today I want to leave you with a really important piece of advice on – from my experience – which pretty much everyone I have ever met makes the mistake of doing – assuming.

When I am asked “What does Anxiety mean to you, Nick?” I define it by two things, that are personal to me – and not for everyone – and they are;

Regret from the past

Fear of the future

So, if you take the above as true and valid – you will see that the ‘sweet spot’ for a calm, clearer mind – is right in the middle – it’s TODAY.

Yesterday has gone and you cannot change it.  Tomorrow hasn’t even happened.  But today, you are totally in control.

Let me give you an example – in the spirit of openness and sharing challenges - for the past 13 months – I have been going through (many) medical tests, consultations and appointments to try to discover the cause of a lump, where no lump should be.

I COULD of spent every day in that 13 months – approx 390 days – worrying about the outcome.  

On an assumption front, my human nature was screaming at me to think ‘worst case scenario’ – it has to be – whatever reason for it?

My mind was leaping out to Google every symptom – to feel every difference in my body – and to basically go in to ‘bunker mode’.

However, last week – on the 1st October – I had the final ‘all clear’.  Was I relieved?  YES!  Was I emotional?  YES!  Did I spend 390 days worrying?  NO!

What a waste of time that would have been.  I didn’t assume.

Of course I had momentary lapses where I spoke to friends, family etc about it – for reassurance – but they were few and far between.

But the only days I truly LET MYSELF worry were in the 24 hour period of each consultation.  Because on that day it was relevant, it was a challenge and it was reasonable to have your fear heightened.

The rest of the year has been fantastic and I have achieved some amazing things!

In the words of Mark Twain;

“Some of the worst things in my life, never even happened!”

What are you anxious, frightened or nervous about now?  Is that relevant to today?  Are you being rational?

In the words of Dave Pelzer, amazing author of ‘A Child Called It’ books;

“Live in day tight compartments”

And I guarantee you will be able to live a clearer, less anxious life – taking each of our challenges one day at a time.

Never assume anything.

I think that’s enough from me, for now – and I’ll be back to you again next month – on who knows what! 

Have a fantastic DAY and month ahead!