A Force For Good

I’m writing this blog whilst 40,000 feet in the air on the way to New York to meet Gary Vaynerchuk and to appear on the #AskGaryVee show. To say I’m excited is an understatement! I’ve followed this guy for years and now I’m finally going to meet him and chat with him (fan girl moment).

Whilst shooting an On the Winbox video this morning at the airport I was talking about the influence he has had on my company, Winbox. Probably the biggest influence has been his jab, jab, jab, right hook philosophy. This stands for giving value to your audience and helping them numerous times before asking for the sale. Unfortunately, when applied to email marketing many businesses go straight in for the right hook. They purchase thousands of email addresses and then just ask for the sale hoping to find some low hanging fruit. Now this approach may work on the odd occasion if you find someone at exactly the right time with a need that your company fills. However, nine times out of ten it fails because the recipient doesn’t know you, like you or trust you yet. In my experience of growing Winbox, if someone likes you and trusts you… they will buy from you. Obviously as long as your product or service satisfies one or many of their needs. So what better way to establish trust and get someone to like you than by helping them.

Your business most likely exists because you have knowledge in an area that your potential customer doesn’t. You can either do something that they can’t do themselves or you can do it a lot better than them. You can therefore really help your audience by sharing that knowledge, or at least snippets of that knowledge, to demonstrate to them how great you are, how much you know about your specialist field and that you genuinely care about creating a lasting impression on your market.

At Winbox, we genuinely care about cleaning up inboxes. Not through some inbox sorting software but by educating businesses that you should only send marketing emails to recipients who have asked for it and you should only send them relevant, useful content that you have put effort into creating. Keep sending them relevant information until it’s the right time to ask for the sale (the right hook). Because of this we create and distribute a heap of advice based on our expertise that businesses can go away and use… for free. Now this is exactly what Gary Vee preaches and I believe it’s how modern marketing is done.

So what are you doing to create relationships and trust before you ask for the sale? Are you sharing genuinely helpful content in the forms of blogs, videos, tweets, emails, etc,? If not, I suggest you start. You’ll be surprised by how your market reacts.

Search for #WinboxWinners on your preferred social media channel to follow our progress in NYC.