Email templates: How to create a cohesive campaign

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To make your email marketing campaign consistent, you need to take a serious look at your branding. Your emails should not only look similar every time they are sent, but they should also have cohesion with your website and overall brand.

Website vs. email

Don’t take the shortcut of simply tacking your logo onto everything. To get true cohesion you need to do things properly, and the best way to ensure consistency is to use an email template.

Your audience will have subscribed to your mailing list because they are interested in what you have to say and if your email is not recognisable as being from a company they know and trust, before you know it, people will be hitting the dreaded unsubscribe button.

Your email template should look like a natural extension of your website. It should incorporate all of your branding and look consistent when people click through to your site.

Email Marketing Bristol

If they see a really nice looking email and then a poor website, they'll see the website as the truth and have the impression that the great content in the email was a lie and vice versa. When it comes to your website vs. your email, they need to be stylistically the same.

The importance of email template design

Your email lets people know who you are so it is important that you use all of the tools necessary to ensure that you make that happen.

Your brand is more than your logo. It is also your font, your colour scheme, your writing style, your imagery and your tone of voice.

There are many great email templates out there that allow you to edit the design so that you can create a template that is tailored exactly to your needs.

Think about the header image of your template and how you can use that to emulate the look of your site. Take a look at the imagery that you use for your business - both online and off - and think about how you can incorporate that into your campaign.

Consider your tone of voice and make sure that the writing style and message is consistent with what you already publish on your site. And lastly, look at the font and colour scheme and make sure everything matches. It is small details like these that will really make an impact with your reader.

Familiarity breeds trust and being brand-consistent across all of your communications is one of the quickest ways to make that happen.

Is your template responsive?

If you don’t want your email to be sent straight to the trash folder then you need to make sure that it is readable.

Your template should not only look great, but it should also be responsive and look amazing on all of the popular email devices and clients.

If it doesn’t and your template is hard to read, resulting in your audience having to scroll endlessly to the side to read all of the text, or if images are leaking into what should be text-only areas, it is likely to get binned as they won’t be able to read it.

Email Marketing Bristol

Here at Winbox, we view each email we send in 25 screenshots from the most popular devices and clients to ensure it looks good on all of them.

By doing this, we make sure that each of our readers will get the best experience and will always be able to read every email we send out.

Consistency is key

No matter what message you are sending out, be it a sales offer one week followed by a lead into a blog article the next, your design should always be consistent month on month.

This will make your email campaign instantly recognisable to your recipient when it arrives in their preview pane. It will also build up trust in your brand and further your brand identity.

If your email has a reputation for good content, this recognisability will mean it is more likely to be read.

Top tips:

  • Content length: Make sure the email isn't too long and doesn't have too many features. It should appeal to scanners, as most people won’t read your email word for word. For more information on this read our guide to writing the perfect email.

  • Headers: Make sure your email has clear headings as this will help to split up the content and make it more readable.

  • CTA: Always make sure your email contains prominent CTA’s so that your audience know what action they need to take once they have finished reading.  

Branding checklist:

When creating your template, make sure you consider the following:

  • Logo

  • Font

  • Colour scheme

  • Imagery (including header image)

  • Tone of voice

  • Writing style

  • Whether your template is responsive and looks good across all platforms

If you would like help creating a truly cohesive email campaign or if you would just like to discuss this topic further, please contact Marc at Winbox.