Building your email subscriptions. The tools you need.

Email should be at the core of any marketing strategy. The people on your email list are the first to sign up to your webinars, buy your new products, and when you write a new blog post, they are among the first to read it.

Managed Email Marketing

In parts one and two of our email series ‘How to start your email marketing campaign the right way’, we shared with you how to define your target audience and goals. We also informed you about data, what you need to get to comply with data laws and how to gather it. Now it’s time to build your email subscriptions organically - and here are the tools that you need in order to do so.

Newsletter signup forms

It seems obvious, but it is worth stating. You have to have a newsletter signup form on your site. It has to be somewhere straightforward like on the front page of the site, and it must be easily navigated to.

There are various plugins like Newsletter Sign-Up from WordPress that can do the hard work for you, and most mailing list software will have either a plugin that you can add to your side or an embed code.


Love them or hate them, it is an undeniable fact that pop-ups work. Case studies have proven time and again that they are a great tool for growing your email list. found that pop-ups tend to drive three times the opt-ins compared to a sidebar or below-the-post offer. They also found that aggressively targeting visitors with pop-ups by showing pop-ups to everyone upon their first visit generates 23.5% more opt-ins versus easing the reader into it by delaying the pop-up by ten seconds.

Below are three of the best pop-up tools and plugins

PopUp Domination: This can work as a standalone tool for your website or as a plugin for your WordPress site. It is easy to set up and is one of the most popular pop-up platforms on the web. It also boasts that it supports all mailing list software including Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor.

OptinMonster: A great tool for creating timed pop-ups. You can also A/B test them and increase your conversions based on the data you collect.

PopupAlly: This is a free WordPress pop-up plugin that is fuss-free and only takes five mins to set up and start using. It is compatible with most mailing list software including Aweber, MailChimp, MadMimi, iContact, GetResponse, Infusionsoft, Ontraport and any other email marketing systems that provide HTML opt-in code.

Landing and ‘coming soon’ pages

If you are waiting for your site to be fully constructed before you start to actively gather email addresses, you are missing a trick.

‘Coming soon’ and landing pages are an integral pillar of any email marketing campaign. With a good landing or ‘coming soon’ page, you can gather an untold number of email signups before you have even really begun to showcase your business on your website.

LeadPages: Super easy to use, this tool allows you to create and manage multiple landing pages, sales pages and webinar registration pages – and they can all be set up in minutes.

Unbounce: There is an emphasis on customisation with this tool, which is fine, as it is very simple to use. You can also A/B test the pages you create which will help your optimisation.

KickoffLabs: This site positions itself as the lead generation solution. It offers landing pages with a built-in email marketing solution which eliminates the need to purchase from another service provider. It also offers viral contest features and sign-up widgets which aim to grow your audience.

Social Media

Your site is not the only place where you can grow your email list. Email and social media are perfect partners and there are plenty of ways to encourage signup across your social networks.

ShortStack: A tool that allows users to create custom Facebook tabs by using widgets for elements such as Twitter, blogs, videos, and newsletters.

Heyo: This drag and drop Facebook contest platform will capture emails, drive engagement, get likes, and convert sales. It is simple, effective and mobile-optimised.

Offerpop: With over 19 Facebook and Twitter apps, this tool is built to cultivate your email list and engage with and grow your fan base.

These 10 tools will help you to grow your email list organically. They are easy to use and implement and will make a world of difference to your subscriptions. For more handy email marketing tips have a read of the Winbox blog, or for more advice on how to grow your mailing list please contact Marc at Winbox.