So you may be considering email marketing, but one thought is bothering you: is anyone actually going to read it, or would they find your industry too boring? Maybe you want to talk business, or software, or any number of subjects that aren't known for their thrilling subject matter.

Don't worry—it may not be as difficult as you think to liven up even what seem like the dullest topics. Here are some top tips to help you spice up your emails.

Make it useful

No matter how boring the subject seems, the most important thing is that your email is useful and informative. If you're dealing with technical subjects—for example, business or software—your readers will primarily want to learn something by reading it. If they find it helpful, they will be less concerned about its entertainment value.

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Don't forget that usually your email recipients will be 'warm leads', which means that they signed up for your emails because they've already shown an interest in your subject or area of expertise. That means they're already ready to hear what you have to say. So keep it clear and to the point.

Use a strong voice

To transform dry text into something entertaining and readable, give it a bit of character. A strong sense of voice will help your emails to stand out from the crowd and make customers feel like a real person is talking to them. It's a great way to make your messages memorable, even if the subject isn't the most exciting in the world.

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Don't be afraid to try a little bit of humour to lighten the mood, as long as it's appropriate to your target audience. It will help to keep things animated, and again make your emails more personable.

Be visual

It doesn't matter what you're writing about—nothing is a bigger turn off to a fickle internet user than a wall of text. Break it up with images and videos. In fact, consider using videos instead of text where possible.

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Also use subheadings to break up longer written pieces. Not only does this make it look easier to get through, but it's a good way of helping to break down subjects in an easy, structured manner.

Use real customers

Don't expect readers to take your word for it—whatever 'it' is! If you are advertising a product or service, include reviews from real customers if possible. Or if the purpose of a particular email is to share expertise, include brief case studies of people you've helped.

Any input from happy customers will not only help to entice new customers, but it's another way to humanise your emails and elevate them beyond simply being informative or technical.

Special events

Your emails can also invite more direct forms of interaction, to really make customers feel involved. Promote exclusive offers for your product or service, available only to your subscribers, or put them in the running for a prize.

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You could even go a step further and invite them to exclusive events, such as classes and seminars, informal meetings or a shopping event.

In other words, when it comes to writing email newsletters for a boring industry, it's not so much about what to discuss as how to discuss it. There will always be an audience for you no matter what the industry, or how niche—you only have to know how to capture its attention.

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