Your email content should evoke a response in a reader, whether it be an emotional reaction or to inspire them to take action – such as buying a product. Badly written content, though, can push your readers in the opposite direction. The effect that poorly written emails can have on customer loyalty and your brand image is shocking.

You'll look less professional

A badly written email that's rife with mistakes and confusing language will only tell customers one thing: you're not professional enough to hire a copywriter.

You don't care

Whether or not this is the case, a poorly written email can suggest to customers that you don't care enough to make an effort when it comes to your communications.

Email Marketing

The first thing a customer will think is that you are lazy, and that's not going to inspire confidence if they're thinking of buying from you or using your services.

Customers will no longer trust you

If a customer can't trust you to read through an email before hitting send, they probably won't trust you to handle their order safely, or to perform services on their behalf. Don't lose a customer's trust over something as simple as this: email marketing should gain a customer's loyalty.

It's a communication barrier

Not only are you harming your brand image by sending out a poor standard of email copy but you're also not getting across the information that is needed. Those emails might reach their intended targets, but customers are likely to switch off before they even get to the point you've been trying to make.

This means that your email may never serve its intended purpose.

The legal implications

This doesn't always apply to your emails, but poor wording can have legal implications. If you're trying to make a point about an offer or a product but word it badly, there may be cause for concern when it comes to false advertising. This isn't something you necessarily have to worry about unless there's a lot of fine print involved, but is perhaps not a risk you want to take.

Email marketing done right

If you can get the wording right in an email (copywriting is about so much more than simply eliminating grammar and spelling mistakes), you can draw readers in and create a real connection with them. Sales copy especially should be structured in such a way that potential customers can see how much better their lives would be with your business on their side.

Great email marketing campaigns will also strengthen your brand image, so even if you're not directly selling to a customer in your copy, you'll be changing the way in which they view your brand. This will make them more likely to think of you when the time does come when they need your products or services.

If you're worried about the quality of your email copy or would like to step it up a gear, contact Marc at Winbox.