At a busy exhibition there are often so many businesses shouting for a delegate’s attention that you can walk away with nothing from the day.

Don’t fall into the trap of spamming people with cheap flyers that go into their exhibition bag and never come out, or with business cards that join an extensive collection and are never followed up.

Winbox now offer a solution that allows you to gather the data of your visitors, and to set up an automated email series to follow up effectively.

How it works:

  • You decide on an incentive for visitors to give you their email address (entrance to a raffle or a free guide, for example).
  • We provide you with an app or subscriber page to collect data (which can work online or offline).
  • Each subscriber will then be added to an automated series of emails to be sent to them at times decided by you.
  • These follow-up emails entice visitors to contact you and buy your product or service offering.

What you need:

  • An iPad (ideally) or phone / computer.
  • A good incentive to sign up (such as entrance to a raffle).

What you will get:

  • An app or subscriber page to gather data (no fiddling with paper).
  • A beautifully designed and written automated email series (which could be one email or many over several months).
  • Actual conversions from business exhibitions.

How much will it cost:

  • Costs will vary depending on how many emails you want in your series, but prices start from just £199.00 (+VAT)

To set-up your exhibition conversion machine call Winbox on 0117 379 0044 or emailmarc@winbox.co (that’s right, just .co).